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RVPG Announcements and Remote Viewing News

  • A life Gone Wild

    "The Estate of Ingo Swann is excited to announce the official Ingo Swann documentary A Life Gone Wild the short film is part of the official selection at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in NYC, May 25th to 30th.  The film screening is followed with a prestigious panel of scientists and practitioners including: Jacques Vallee, high-tech investor, noted for his works on the early Internet, who served as the "French researcher" in Steven Spielberg’s "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"; Harold Puthoff, theoretical and experimental physicist and creator of the government's Stargate Remote Viewing Program; Tom McNear, former Stargate Remote Viewer; and, Blynne Olivieri, Head of Special Collections at the University of West Georgia.  For more details go to:

    Saturday, May 27th

    The Soho Playhouse

    15 Vandam Street,New York, NY 10013

    Posted 2 May 2017, 19:09 by Jon RVPGNYC
  • Applied Precognition Project 2017 Conference
    Talks on Remote viewing and consciousness, featuring
    Joe McMoneagle 
    Lyn Buchanan 
    Tom Campbell 
    Dean Radin 
    Steve Braude 
    Jeffrey Mishlove 
    John Herlosky 
    Marty Rosenblatt 
    Nancy Smith

    Including workshops making sport predictions using remote viewing.

    Las Vegas June 22 - 25

    Posted 29 Apr 2017, 15:16 by Jon RVPGNYC
  • Remote Viewing Conferences 2016
    Remote Viewing conferences are a great way to meet other people involved in and passionate about remote viewing.

    There's two coming up: App Fest 2016 and the Annual IRVA conference. They both have great speakers and events.

    App Fest 2016

    Applied Precognition Project has APP Fest 2016 is a three day sports betting event in Las Vegas. November 10th - 13th.

    Annual IRVA conference

    September 23rd - 25th  
    Posted 3 Sep 2016, 10:47 by Jon RVPGNYC
  • Ingo Swann's Art

    Ingo Swann: A Remote View

    La MaMa Galleria is holding an exhibition of Ingo's art.  June 15 - July 03, 2016

    Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment

    La MaMa Galleria | 47 Great Jones St.
    Free Admission

    Posted 6 Jun 2016, 16:24 by Jon RVPGNYC
  • History Talk - "STAR GATE: Government Funded Psychic Research & Operations"
    Giving a short talk on Tuesday, 10th November at The Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as part of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies' lecture series. "All the history you knew but forgot and all the booze you need to forget it again."

    "STAR GATE: Government Funded Psychic Research & Operations"
    Posted 7 Nov 2015, 15:06 by Jon RVPGNYC
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