Papers, Articles and Lectures

Nal Oru Ragam’Exposition on thirty ragas broadcast over All India Radio, Coimbatore presented as one raga a day
Adi SankaraMusical feature produced for and broadcast by All India Radio, Madras
Nauka Charitram’ of Sri Tyagaraja Musical Opera produced for All India Radio, Madras
‘Skandapuranam’ Lecture-demonstration presented in various sabhas in Madras and subsequently presented in A.I.R as an opera
Guru Guho JayatiFeature on the first compositions of Sri Muthuswamy Dikhshitar, presented in various city sabhas and the A.I.R
Venkatamahi and his prabhandas and gitasFeature presented first at Music Academy, Madras, and later in All India Radio, and adapted extensively by leading Bharata Natyam exponents in recitals
Some important landmarks in Carnatic Music Paper published in the journal of the Music Academy, Madras
Utsava Sampradaya kritis of Sri TyagarajaLecture-demonstration presented widely
Evolution of ragas in general, and Todi in particular Lecture-demonstration presented in sabhas and also published as a paper
Ragas in Carnatic Music Lecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Nava Vidha BhaktiLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Nava Rasa RamaLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Sri Tyagaraja and Ambal Paper presented in sabha souvenir
Sri Purandaradasa Lecture-demonstration and paper presented
Sri Tyagaraja and Todi Lecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Padams and Javalis Lecture-demonstration and paper presented
Evolution of Indian Music and ragas from ancient times Paper presented in annual journal of Vivekananda kendra
Musical traditions of India Lecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Tillana- its technical evolution in Music Lecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Pre-trinity compositions Lecture-demonstration and paper presented
Sollin Selvan - 1 hour feature on AnjaneyaFeature presented on All India Radio, Chennai
Nachiyar Tirumozhi18-part programme presented at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai
Allied ragasLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Neraval: its form and expositionLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Manodharma sangitamSeries of lectures on all aspects of manodharma, also released as cassettes and CDs by HMV.
Varnam as the mother of all manodharmaLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
The musical aspects of HarikathaLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
Visesha prayogas in ragas, as derived from varnamsLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
The lyrical beauty of compositions on Lord Sri RanganathaLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas
The differences in the handling of ragas by Sri Tyagaraja and Sri Muthuswamy DikhshitarLecture-demonstration presented in sabhas