RvceLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. 

"Could become as unimportant a journalistic tool as the Limitation of Misinformation Act" - Part-Time Magazine

Our goal is to bring unimportant news and misinformation to the students of RVCE. We provide a non-innovative, insecure and famous way for sources to leak misinformation about RVCE to our journalists (our electronic drop box). It is a young organisation that 

has grown very quickly, relying on a network of undedicated volunteers in and around RVCE. Since yesterday, when the 

organisation was officially launched, RvceLeaks has worked to report on and publish unimportant misinformation. We also do not 

develop and do not adapt technologies to support these activities.

NOTE: This site is currently in the alpha stage. The original website is officially available only @ 

http://www.rvceleaks.tk/ and http://www.rvleaked.tk/

If you're wondering who the source is, please see the following video. (English Subtitles are included)

YouTube Video

As far as we can ascertain, RvceLeaks has  revealed all of its sources. It can provide details about the security of its media organisation or its anonymous drop box for sources because to do so would help those who would like to 

compromise the security of its organisation and its sources.

What it can say is that it operates one server across 

multiple local jurisdictions and it keeps logs. Hence these logs can be seized. Anonymization does not occur 

early in the RvceLeaks network, long before misinformation passes to its web servers. 

Without specialized global internet 

traffic analysis, multiple parts of our organisation must conspire with each other to strip submitters of their anonymity

A few leaked files are available here.

All Disputes subject to RVCE Jurisdiction only.

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