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"Because futurity is unknowable, we must make decisions based on right versus wrong, based on freedom versus tyranny" - Ethan Allen

 “I cannot remember a night so dark as to have hindered the coming day.”-- John Brown

 “How is it that we can entrust the solutions for the problems that confront our country today to those who are complicit in their creation?” -- Cynthia McKinney


We must remove corporate money from our elections by instituting public financing of elections that restores power to the people. We must eliminate privately owned electronic voting machines and mandate paper ballots. Anybody who has actively denied or obstructed New Yorkers their right to vote including the counting of votes cast must be prosecuted.

We need a living wage. Statistics do not capture the pain and suffering being experienced by Adirondack families. We need massive infrastructure investments and a greening of our economy that will put people to work at good wages and decentralize the energy supply. Special emphasis should be placed on a green rebuilding program to restore and protect the environment.

We urgently need policies enacted at the state level that will address the enduring disparities in education, health care, imprisonment, family income, wealth, home ownership, that reflect purposeful exploitation of people and communities by moneyed elites. Further, these public policies must also specifically consider a debt jubilee for ALL New Yorkers, and instead of the public bailing out the big banks, the big banks must be broken up into public institutions serve the people. We need to take appropriate steps to regain control over our monetary system which has caused the economic crisis facing our state.

I believe in full reproductive rights for women — for legal rights and safe access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal/infant care; family planning services and contraception, including “morning after” medication; and abortion. We need to reject forced, coerced, or uninformed medication and sterilization. We need a universal access, single-payer, health care system.  

We demand an economic system that provides opportunity and dignity for all New Yorkers. We want an end to all spying. Respect for human rights must be the primary consideration for all public officials in this state. We demand full disclosure on all the government’s spying programs and for restitution to be provided to victims of these abuses and their families for the suffering they have long endured.  Throughout our district, members of the general public have become targets for repression, including Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and other easily identifiable minorities and dissidents.

We need a drug policy that is based on truth, compassion, prevention, and treatment. We need laws that enfranchise all citizens of the United States without regard to incarceration status. No non-violent drug offender should endure disenfranchisement of voting and other citizenship rights because of the current system of criminal injustice. The prison-industrial complex is unfortunately a cornerstone of the North Country economy in no small part because of the efforts of the incumbent state senator, and this is a disgrace. Inequity permeates every aspect of this system, from the legislators who draft the laws, to the attorneys who enforce and interpret them, to the judiciary. We must end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of New York State. I will campaign to abolish prisons in the North Country.

Continued protection and restoration of the forest is paramount. We must stop consuming resources which derive from the exploitation of people. We need clean air. Protecting the air, land and water in light of climate change requires production and consumption policies that reflect the real limits within which we must live. We need the millions of dollars currently spent on militarizing the police and spying on the general public to be spent instead on human services to alleviate human suffering.

Let's reclaim New York State in the spirit of freedom and responsibility. We can achieve prosperity and sustainability for posterity.