I am Ru Ye. I joined Wuhan University, China as an Associate Researcher in 2016, after getting my PhD from Cornell University. I work mainly on epistemology--more specifically, permissivism, higher-order evidence, epistemic defeat, the basing relation, internalism/externalism debate, and epistemic value. I am also interested in formal epistemology and normativity in general. 

   ruye08 at gmail dot com

    1. (forthcoming) "Higher-Order Defeat and Intellectual Responsibility." Synthese
    2. (forthcoming) "A New Causal-Doxastic Theory of Basing." In Pat Bondy and Adam Carter (eds.) Well-Founded Belief: New Essays on the Epistemic Basing Relation. Routledge.
    3. (2016)  “Misleading Evidence and the Dogmatism Puzzle.” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 94 (3): 563-575
    4(2015)  "Fumerton's Puzzle for Theories of Rationality." Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (1): 93-108

Work In Progress
    1. It's Okay to Be Arbitrary
 This paper tries to defend Permissivism (both the inter-personal and the intra-personal version) from the challenge of arbitrariness. 

    2. Uniqueness and Higher-Order Defeat 
 This paper tries to argue that the phenomenon of higher-order defeat creates a problem for Uniqueness because (1) the Uniquer is committed to the phenomenon of higher-order defeat in order for the arbitrariness argument to pose a serious challenge to Permissivism (2) and yet if the phenomenon of higher-order defeat is real then Uniqueness is false. 

    3. What Exactly is the Value Problem for Permissivism? 

    Topics in Epistemology. Fall 2016.
    Ethics of Belief. Fall 2017.
    Higher-Order Evidence. Spring 2018

    1. "It's Okay to Be Arbitrary"
        (Oct. 2018) NY-China Epistemologists Conference, Fordham University, US. 
        (Sep. 2018) Workshop on Kinds of Knowledge,  Zhejiang University, China. 
        (July 2018) Frontiers in Epistemology, Yonsei University, Korea. 
        (May 2018) Workshop on Ethics and Epistemology, Wuhan University, China. 
    2. "Uniqueness and Higher-Order Defeat" 
         (May 2018) USC-Shandong Workshop on Ethics and Epistemology, Shandong University, China. 
         (March 2018) Epistemology Reading Group, NYU-Shanghai, China. 
    3. "Uniqueness and the Value of Rationality"
         (May 2017) Young Philosophers Workshop, Nanjing University, China. 

Professional Service 
    Referee for AJP, Analysis, Synthese, Erkenntnis, Topoi. 
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