Where in Rutland County have YOU seen wildlife?

Seeing a bear or a bobcat doesn’t happen every day, and yet these animals are not uncommon, and they live among us.  In an effort to learn more about how wildlife—especially large mammals—move across our landscape, the Staying Connected Initiative seeks to hear from members of the Rutland County community about where animals have been spotted.  Even if the animal you see is lying immobile by the side of the road, this information can be used to help us learn animal movement patterns.  For example, wildlife are more likely to cross the road in certain places, and some of these areas correspond to sections of road with poor visibility or high traffic speed.  The Staying Connected Initiative seeks to identify where these areas are in order to make road crossings safer for wildlife…and therefore for people.  Please let us know where you have seen wildlife in our area!

For more information about the Staying Connected Initiative in Rutland County, please visit our website at http://stayingconnectedinitiative.org/our-places/adirondacks-to-greens/ or contact linkage manager Paul Marangelo at:  

Phone: (802) 229-4425 x119

       Email:  pmarangelo (at) tnc.org

Please help us by reporting wildlife you have seen!

Wildlife Sightings Map

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To see information about each sighting, click on the animal's dot.  
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Thank you to John Van Hoesen and Mike Middleman of Green Mountain College for their help in creating this site.

To see photos of wildlife that have been sent in to accompany reports of wildlife sightings, please click on the photo below.  To add your photos to this album, please email photos to pmarangelo (at) tnc.org.

Wildlife Sightings Photos