100 Things

and all other things

Stuff About Me.

1. I love Jesus with all my heart.

2. I am Nigerian by blood and Canadian by birth.

3. I am the oldest sibling of 4. We have also had many foster children come through our house since 1999. I have been the oldest of all of them too. In fact, I am also the oldest of all the cousins.

4. Robin Williams once said that I (and another girl) looked beautiful when we were on the set of Night at the Museum.

5. I have wanted to be an actress since I was young. I am now going to pursue my dream, after I graduate in May 2008.

6. I have worked with children all my life (daycares, Autism therapist, Sunday School, ESL, etc). Through this I have worked on cruise ships with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Youth Staff. My ships were the Voyager of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas.

7. I can jump. The highest I have touched is 9′11″. Just below the rim, which is disappointing, because one person (he was a coach, but I do not remember who) told me in grade 8 that by grade 12 I should be able to dunk. I admit, I could have worked harder on my fitness at times, and so I believe if I give it my all and really try, I could probably get a bit past the rim. If I wanted to now…which I don’t…necessarily…

8. I played university varsity volleyball.

9. I plan on having 10 children. When I was growing up, my number was 16, for some reason. But now it’s just 10. I will build my family by personal pregnancy (hehe) (4) and adoption (6). Those are my thoughts, but you know how God works.

10. I have never had a boyfriend. And I have really only been kinda asked out once. Yep, going on 27 years of singledom.

11. 26 years ago, this month (March), I was almost sacrificed to a cult (I was nearly six months old).

12. I love musicals.

13. I hate walking on grass, even with shoes on. I go out of my way to walk on the sidewalk, whenever possible. If it is not possible, I try to get across as quickly as possible. Inadvertently my toes will curl if I have to walk on it.

14. Sometimes I really detest the fact that I have to wash my face and I will, more often than not, take a shower instead of washing my face in the sink.

15. I absolutely hate crumpled paper products. What I mean is napkins, paper towels, etc. If it looks like it has been used, even if merely to dry hands, I cannot even look at it. Even if it was not used, but is crumpled on the table, I am utterly disgusted. If I use a paper towel to dry my hands, I have to throw it away. I cannot reuse it. Weird I know. 

**more coming soon**