Home Sweet Home

We bought this 4BR/2.5 bath home in May 2007.  We're enjoying making it our own.

Living Room

This is the living room from the fireplace

Wall with wedding pictures

It's fun to watch movies on a 7 foot screen!

My husband made the shelf over the screen...

...and a nifty CD/DVD cabinet.  He's so handy!

Components go in this closet, and an infrared to radio-frequency signal converter makes it possible to use our remotes, even through the closet door.

Breakfast Nook/Kitchen

                                                                                 East side of kitchen                                                                   West side of the kitchen.

Here's a view from the bar.

This tile is throughout the kitchen, hall, powder room, and laundry room.

Our china hutch was built in.  Or maybe it's a butler's pantry?  Anyway, we were getting ready to have a party when the picture was taken, thus the paper plates/plasticware ;-).  The baskets were left over from our wedding.

Music Room

This is my beloved piano.  We (I) decided the piano was more important than a dining room, so the DR became a music room.

Iron scroll work from Amazon.

Wood carvings of hymns on the opposite wall.


Finally we have a desk! From e-bay of all places, but I love it.

We also set up a reading area in the corner of the room.

A few close up details of the desk.

These photographs from our travels are on the wall opposite the reading area.

Finally I got a map framed

White pins are for areas we've traveled together, red pins are for places where we have friends living.

Powder Room

These pictures hang opposite the toilet.  They look straighter IRL

Master Bedroom

View into the master bath.


View up the stairs. The photo collage is constantly growing with photos of our travels.

Guest Bedroom #1

I'm not sure I like the valances

Night stand detail.

Guest Bedroom #2

Currently the elliptical machine is in here, too.  Someday this will move to GBR #3 and this room will be a nursery.

GBR #3 is currently a junk room...No peeking!

Bonus Room

My husband loves this ping pong table!

There's still a lot of work to do up here!

Landscaping: Before

Cheap landscaping idea:  600 pounds of rocks for $18!

Here's the backyard.  We've planted some trees, which are still shorter than me ;-). 

Eventually we want to extend the patio and put in a hot tub/maybe outdoor fireplace. 

My husband has some great ideas but I just don't know how to make them reality!

Landscaping: After

We dug up some of the ugly bushes and planted rosemary, delphiniums, knockout roses, and phlox.  The roses should bloom this summer, I hope!

I love when all the azaleas are in bloom!  I hope the rest of the flowers thrive.  I have kind of a black thumb.

Eventually the phlox will grow to form a border.

Impatiens by the front door.

Beautiful azaleas


These popped up last spring, too, but I don't remember planting them.