Remote Sensing: 450:322

Principles and techniques of satellite remote sensing. Application of satellite sensing to the study of Earth's land, oceans, and atmosphere. 

Latin America: 450:336

Relative significance of natural and cultural environments in contributing to regional contrasts.

Biogeography: 450:404

Advanced Geographic Information Systems: 450:421

Introduction to major research and application issues in geographic information systems (GIS). Themes include geodesy and georeferencing; uncertainty and error propagation; multicriteria/multiobjective decision making; introduction to surface analysis and spatial pattern analysis; change/time series analysis; GIS and society. Prerequisite: 01:450:321 or 11:372:362.


Land Change Science: 450:511 

Understanding land dynamics through an examination of coupled human-environment systems; the development of land change studies and the theoretical and methodological challenges to linking biophysical, socioeconomic, and remote sensing/GIS analyses.

Rutgers Geography Course Catalog