Rutgers Geology Club

Why You Should Join Our Club

    Do you like rocks? Oh my gosh, so do we! We are the Rutgers University Geology Club. You have stumbled upon our website, so why not pull up a chair and stay a while? Feel free to browse around and look at our photo gallery and calendar of events.

    In all earnest, we are a club of students and who share an interest in all things geological, whether it be geology, paleontology, geophysics, oceanography, or mineralogy. It is our goal to promote interest and education in all fields related to and including geology. We have regular meetings during the semester and host a wide variety of on- and off-campus activities.

    We reach out to undergraduates who are studying in the field of geology at Rutgers in order to introduce them to other students and faculty who can help them with classes and prospective career paths. Professors make a point to drop in and talk to the club every-so-often to ask how the club is doing, share new opportunities, and answer any questions members might have. Oftentimes professors will invite the club to participate in seminars, or even take members on professionally guided field trips.

    The "Geo Club" organizes its own field trips regularly, traveling to local places such as Passaic County and Pennsylvania, or staying overnight at places as far away as North Carolina and New Hampshire. Best of all, most of these trips come at little to no cost for our members. Being a geologist is about being aware of the world around you, from the pebbles in the stream to the mountains overhead.

    So, do you want to socialize with great people, meet professors and researchers, learn about job and internship oportunities, and explore this wonderful earth? Then you should join the Rutgers Geology Club.

What's the Best About Our Club?

"We get to go on field trips and find fossils" -Anna

"Everyone always try to help if you have questions about geology classes or whatever else.  The professors stop by and bring us cookies, too."       -Laura

"Being with people who like rocks...what's not to like?"         -Susan