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  9/9/2016, Hello everyone. Tucker here. I talked to Tim about trying to help out with the site and he heartily approved. So I will try and up date and keep a running post of Rusty Nuts during the year. So far, Tim Covert, Bob Mauer, Tom Pixley, Bob Storc and myelf have been active this year. We have the usual race gremlins stop by and visit every once in awhile, but rarely, so it's been a good year with a few DNF's. I know Bob Mauer went to Put in Bay and I'm waiting for an email from him. The last race of the year will be at Elkhart Lake for the ELFV. This it's sponsored by Volvo of NA, and it's rumored that there will be about 35 Volvo race cars there, talk about a throw back in race time. So wish Bob Mauer and myself for representing Elva and Rusty Nuts this year. Have a good fall and we'll see you on the grid. Please contact me anytime about a post or corrections or whatever. Thanks


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Tim's Annual Car Party: Date October 8th, 2016
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News from Paul (3/12)
I am very late in submitting this article but I did want to give a little glimpse of the Goodwood Revival that Tim Covert, Tom Pixley, Dave Gold and myself attended this past Fall. If any of you ever get a chance to attend this event DONT HESITATE, it is an experience you will remember forever.
As many of you may know it is held on Lord March's estate, which is something to behold itself. The track, the fastest in England, has been restored meticulously to a 50's-60's era racing look. Spectators (130,000 for the 2011 event) are encouraged to dress accordingly and more than half do. The front of the spectator parking lot is reserved for pre 1972 vehicles and that is a show unto itself. Even the support vehicles are period correct. My guess is that there are almost 200 vintage racecars spanning pre-war to 1965 racing over the 3 day event. These guys are serious about their vintage racing and many of the cars are driven by professional drivers with the cars being owned by what I assume are wealthy owners.
This years event honored Juan Manuel Fangio, Ford of Britain and the Spitfire airplane (The Spitfire was crucial to Britain in WW II). Vintage aircraft are featured every year but this was special.
I have included a few photos to help. Enjoy and do try to get there at least once.......Paul

News from John Ruth
Turner Mk III #63/592 joins the Points and Condenser Preservation Society 2011 Fall Colour Tour

I was very happy to learn that I could get the Turner Mk III # 63/592 out to one more historic car event prior to the winter season is upon us.  The event was an autumn colour tour put on by a group of historic car owners who meet under the banner “Points and Condenser Preservation Society” – they are a loose group of enthusiasts who hold lively ralleys twice each car season (May – late October).    On this tour were a wide range of cars ranging from a beautiful Model A Ford to 5 E Type Jaguars, several MG in both A and B models, Porsche 356C Coupe’ , a pair of classic Ferrari berlinettas, 1956 Bentley, 1956 Thunderbird, Maserati, and several more that would make this list a quarter page!

The tour encompassed roughly 100 miles of country lanes that had just about every type of driving conditions us sporty car types love run our historic cars on. We had quick straight sections, undulating portions, a series of ‘S’ curves (very satisfying to take the Turner through on throttle, as it just hunches down and powers through quickly). There were also sections that wove through charming towns and villages at reduced speed, giving all the chance to appreciate the old architecture in the town centers. We were running behind a well turned out 1960 MGA roadster – which ran very quickly indeed through just about the entire length – 63/592 kept pace with the MGA – though at portions, I throttled back, as the road surface was very choppy in some sections that simply put the Turner to task keeping on the rough road, a few times we bottomed out on the rural train tracks that the route passed over, but this proved no issue. It was a pleasant surprise to find 98% of the road surfaces in fine condition, which just shows you that, an enthusiast set-up the route, to be user friendly for historic car and driver!  You get the idea; the organizer of the tour pulled out all the stops to give everyone a fine colour tour. The colours of the trees in southeast Michigan were just about at peak – and shades from bright orange to flame red and yellow were present through the route.

My wife and I had a ball touring in the Turner, and I had fitted, especially for this tour, a set of old Amco wind wings to reduce passenger buffeting, since we toured with the hardtop off to better enjoy the colours. The power and handling of the Mk III proved well suited to both the twisty and quick sections and shows that Mr. Turner built a great sport car that could both tour and race along country roads.


News from Tucker

Race report from Grattan, Michigan

Aug. 20th, 2011


    Lynne and I arrived Thursday afternoon, registered, got a decent paddock spot, and went through tech. Attended the drivers meeting 8:00 am Friday morning, got the car warmed up, torqued the wheels, set tire pressures and went out to practice. Everything seemed in order. Got down to a 141.6. Took a breather, rechecked and reset tire pressures, added fuel and went out in the 2nd practice. Kind of feeling my way around a got down under the 1:40 mark to a 139.6, fasted time for me at Grattan. Feeling better about the car and myself, I felt I could get another second or so off my lap times and that would put me in the top ten out of 27-28 cars.

    Went out in the third session with the expectation of getting into the 1:38 second bracket, when on the second lap I began to feel a loss of power and then no oil pressure and the big red light came on confirming the fact. Arghhh! Coasted into the paddock got out and check under the hood. No oil leaks, full of oil on the dipstick, good oil and water temps and nothing in the puke tank. With the help of a couple fellow racers we pushed the car back to my trailer. I replayed the event and decided I had to find out what happened. Got the car jacked up, drained the oil, dropped the oil pan and pump. The pump looked clean, no metal chunks and the pump turned smoothly. I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers and pushed the oil pump drive spindle back up into its position and it would turn freely. In other words no teeth or the little .07 key sheared off of the bronze drive gear holding it to the drive spindle. Unfortunately the big end of the rods where discolored and that was enough for me to say, ”we’re done”. I will get the car out of the trailer, into my shop and remove the engine and find out exactly what happened and let everyone know what I find. 

    With this happening, I’ve decided not to go to the Glen as there’s very little time to get this kind of work done in time and it’s not going be cheap. Also I have to make sure as to what I do to make sure this never happens again. Everything that’s happened to me over the last three seasons, has never been repeated and I think I’m getting close to finding out pretty much what can go wrong and I think this was a visit from Murphy and his cousin Agony. I mean one really needs Lady Luck on your side as well and she was out done this weekend. With my daughter’s wedding interrupting the momentum I had going, I feel I’ve kind of had the wind knocked out of my sails, but I’m not a quitter and I will be back next year, even better.


News from John Ruth - Waterford

For the 2011 restart of historic motorsport on the club racing circuit, some 77 racers turned out to support the event.  The dedicated MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) were represented by six MGBs, one MGA, alone MGTD and two MG Midgets.  All in all this was a good showing of Abingdon’s sport cars spanning the years from the heydays of road racing in the United States.


News from Barry
Ran the April Mike Stephens weekend with CVAR at Hallett. Had 90 entries and finally after 2 years had great weather. High winds but no rain or snow. Finished 3 of 4 races and had a good time.
News from Sebring - Tom Davis
We made it to Sebring for the 12 hour race and vintage events. It is a real crazy place throughout the week - hard to navigate the paddock between pro and amatuer racers and spectators with lawn mower engine powered couches. The Elva started off great and I got in some really good laps on the 3.7 mile circuit but had ignition problems that plagued me for the rest of the week. Only got out on the track 3 times anyhow, always after 5:00 when the big guys are done. But I accomplished my goal of putting the car on the track 45 years after it premiered at Sebring in the endurance race where it finished 25th overall.
    One benefit is having a hot pit pass with your drivers suit on for the big race. I hung out there for quite awhile with my camera watching the driver changes and other pit stops. The picture is the winning Peugeot (non-factory) powered car being serviced. (See photo section of RNR website)
Racing, Just for the fun of it!


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