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this is one of those projects that start as childish imagination and a hint of realistic inspiration. but I'm seriously considering tackling it. i have always been a massive fan on Theo Jansen and his strand beasts. but when i stumbled across the Mondo spider (a creation .. sadly by hippies for hippies but cool none the less). it looks like a lot of work to create a vehicle that walks, but I'm considering doing it. as it will take several months to make i need to find a source for money and i have already began prototyping leg mechanisms i have a rough design for the project and the end product will be something steampunky. the outlines for next years tech assignment are build something anything but no wheels and no petrol, so I'm thinking of using bio-diesel.


Pc case mod 

I have been planning on making a case mod for quite a while. and although having a million other ideas and projects planned i still find time to think up new ones. but one this is quite important. My computer has a loud hum of the fans when its running, witch is incredibly annoying, and my case doesn’t even have side covers! i plan on making a home theater styled case with a wooden front and a passive liquid cooling heat sink. The ideas and plans are good but i still have one major problem, money-as always.the picture featured above is a awesome case mod, made from coper tubing it has a very abstract shape to it. check it out


Guitar build 

when building things it is easy to get side-tract by other projects, inspiring imagery and story's. most projects are hard to finish when they begin to become a chore and don't have a deadline to meet. i don't actually have any projects on the go but i have many ideas for future projects like p.c. case modding, radio controlled things and of course a solid body guitar. the guitar build (if started) will be costly and hopefully my most flawless work yet. i want to build an electronic guitar with a small flame at the end of the neck, using valves and a series of foot switches, i want to be able to control the color of the flame using chloride chemicals sprayed directly onto the gas flame changing its colour. in affect, the ability to visualize the music through changing colours and a display of fire.


Brisbane battle group 

I was invited to a meeting in Marcus Champ's basement the head ( i think ) of the Brisbane battle group. They build model warships to exact 1/144 scale, turrets, fire power, amour and even speed are exactly to scale.Once you’ve spent about $1000 on your warship and many hours making it. You compete in one of the annual club battles and shoot the hell out of each other until you sink...what a great hobby. Its costs roughly $100 to $120 to buy a hull witch is something i aim on buying when i have the cash. Then the turrets cost about $300 a turret, witch is a bit of a worry. Either way this hobby is going to cost me. but it is defiantly something i want to do. 

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