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Wildburry International Academy

Wildburry International Academy is a boarding school located in the mountainous regions of north-central Romania, hidden among the winding roads and pastures on the border of Moldavia and Transylvania. A school for the 21st century, Wildburry solicited funding from corporate and governmental sponsors to building a multi-million dollar monument to education. Teenagers are invited from around the world to attend school at this esteemed institution. None refuse.

Behind the secure walls and meticulously landscaped grounds, Wildburry's students are receiving a different kind of education than many of their peers.

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Wildburry Academy Series (4 books)

Fall Guys

(Published December 31, 2013. Available on Amazon in trade paperback or Kindle)

The teachers of Wildburry International Academy have selected their newest recruits. But before the teenagers even arrive at school, the tests begin.

The officers arresting her hold their guns with experience, but fifteen year old Colombian Yutu Velazquez is an halcon, a lookout for her grandfather’s cartel. She knows the local police aren’t professionals, and she knows something isn’t right.

Arrogant seventeen year old Vacile Mosanu is a washed up Moldovan teen idol with delusions of a come-back album. Everyone else on his plane is ignoring the two passengers who get up together and head for the flight deck, but he finds it a little too suspicious.

Teamed with teenagers from Australia, Israel, and the United States, Yutu and Vacile tackle every exam Wildburry administers. Despite its deadly training facilities, terrifying professors, and advanced courses in intrigue, these unlikely friends will discover that Wildburry’s greatest challenge isn’t passing classes. At a school for spies, the greatest challenge is trust.

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Cold Season (in progress)

Spring Loaded

Dead Heat

Stories from the Wildburry World

Entry Points (in progress)

  • Hat Trick (available now!)
  • Moral Crisis
  • Field Ready (in 5 parts, in progress)