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Hey, This is Russoue. This is my nick name. I work as an S.D.E. in I graduated as a Ph.D. student from the University of Texas at Dallas. My major was Computer Science. I have done bachelors in computer science from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, the topmost engineering school of Bangladesh.

I learned few programming languages when I began studying computer science and since then programming has become one of the things of my most interest. I am an average programmer and want to better in this arena. One other thing which I like very much is cricket. I like to play it and watch it. I am not getting much time to watch cricket these days but I certainly read news about it. It is my most favorite game, in fact the only one. Other than cricket, I like to watch English movies. Besides, I listen to English, Bengali and Hindi songs. I particularly like good English and Bengali band songs.

The information about me will be incomplete if I don't mention anything about my college. In 1992, when I was in class seven, I went to Mirzapur Cadet College. How wonderful place it is, is known to only who have been there. I had both my bad and good times there. Although it has an average faculty, its students are excellent. I regard it the best college of Bangladesh for its students, though much of the students don't fare up to their potential. The bad time I had here is not the worst time of my life but I must say that I passed the best time of my life there and am sure that it will remain the best throughout the rest of my life.

Now, to tell about how I am, the thing which comes in my mind first is that I think as a person I am neither very good nor very bad. In any point of view I am a normal human who doesn't posses any exceptional quality. I try not to do any immoral thing but only do it intentionally when I am seriously compelled to. And this is why I am not very good, I am not ready to sacrifice everything to be good. I think I am almost straightforward. I can't hide my expressions most of the times and also like this kind of people. But people who always hide their expressions, act artificially and pretends to be good friends, are the ones who I hate from the bottom of my heart. These people are hypocrites and one of the most malicious elements of the society. Everyone should be aware of them. Ok, describing oneself is one of the toughest job in the world. And the best description about somebody can only be given by any other person than him. So, I won't try to depict myself. If you are interested to know more about me, just mail me.