Industries 地方產業

posted Feb 22, 2012, 2:01 PM by Ted Tu   [ updated Feb 24, 2012, 6:11 AM ]
     There is one large factory in the town. It is Kovdorsky Mining-and-Processing Integrated Works. Kovdorsky Mining-and-Processing Integrated Works (GOK) is the second largest producer of apatite concentrate in Russia and the only producer of baddeleyite concentrate in the world. The work there is the main occupation in the town. Being one of the largest mining-and-processing enterprises of the Kola Peninsula, Kovdorsky GOK is famous for high production standards and environmental friendliness.
      鎮上有一個大工廠。它是克沃多斯基礦業公司的綜合廠。 克沃多斯基礦業公司俄羅斯磷灰石的第二大生產商(世界上唯一的斜鋯石生產商)。這是鎮上居民的主要職業。 克沃多斯基礦業公司在科拉半島上的工廠,以高標準生產過程和環保而聞名。