Buy Unique Russian Santa in Flower Gown and Nesting Dolls

If you are looking for a place from where you can buy the rare and unique gifts for your home, friends and family, Alkota Russian Treasure is the perfect place for you to shop gifts like Russian Santa and Russian Nesting Dolls and others in reasonable prices.

We are the importer of rare and unique Russian crafts and have limited edition of Nesting Dolls, Wooden Animal Carvings, Russian Santa, Lacquer Miniature Boxes and others.

We have an amazing treasuring trove of wonderful Russian Santa Clauses known as Russian Nesting Dolls, DedMoroz, Christmas ornaments, lacquer miniature boxes and many others. In Russia Nesting Dolls with animals and birds are very popular. The main reason is Russians love animals (especially domestic pets) such as Dogs and cats, goats and horses, rooster and chicken and other.

During the Christmas and New Year Celebration Nesting Dolls with Santa are also become very famous. In Russia anta in flower gown is very popular and they come in red or blue color gowns. Now some decorative Santa are also available in Alkota Russian Treasure store, as our Master artists apply some stones in to wooden structure of Russian DezMoroz and make them more Unique, attractive and beautiful. We have a variety of Russian crafts of reliable quality and available in fair prices.

We have a collection of Russian Santa from simple to complicated designs and in different colors, styles and type. You can buy the nicely carved Russian Santa in between different price range from less than twenty eight dollars to seven-eight thousand dollars. We also have unique Dolls with ornaments which come in trend in recent days. Santa with Nativity is available in our Alkota Russian Treasure store in different sizes, colors and prints. Every piece of nesting dolls is created by Russian artists and makes them more eyes catchy and unique.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our Alkota Russian Treasure store, you can place the order for that and we will design for you. We have a group of highly professional and Russian master artists who design custom, unique, and museum quality handcrafted wooden treasures.

Russian Santa is the perfect gift for the children and participants in Christmas and New Year Eve celebration. Santa with Nutcracker carving comes in trend in the last two hundred years. You can also see the rare lacquered and painted nesting dolls in our store. Russian Nesting dolls appeared as a toy and dedicated to Matryona who symbolize the hard working Russian women. Now it becomes the symbol of Russian family, village and land. Our website shows the retail prices of our collection and for wholesale price create an account and get the best price.