Russian Interpreter and Russian translation Fees

Russian Interpreting 
Min charge 3 hours
£30 per hour between 08.00-17.00 Weekday
45 for out of hours Weekday, Weekend’s & Bank Holiday
Russian Translation
Per 1000 word £100 Min charge £60

Travel time
Free within Sheffield  
16 per hour between 08.00-17.00 Weekday
£24 for out of hours Weekday , Weekend’s & Bank Holiday

Travel expenses
Free within Sheffield - Outside Sheffield 40p per mile
Actual car parking costs and any road /congestion/ bridge tolls / flights etc
Hotel fees and meals if multiple days required

Fees are negotiable if multiple days are required.

Should the customer cancel the booking,
the following cancellation fees, and would therefore apply. This percentage would
be applied to the above-mentioned minimum payment.
Less than 10 whole working days’ notice 7%
Less than 5 whole working days’ notice 15%
Less than 3 whole working days’ notice 25%
Less than 2 whole working days' notice 50%
Less than 1 whole working day's notice 90%

If you wish to make a booking, I will simply need your requirements and confirmation
of the terms on a Letter head.

Mobile: 07814 920071                                                                                  
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