My Google Homepage Modules

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Google's Homepage is a webpage that lets you display all sorts of stuff from different places. In my copious spare time I've put together some modules that work on that page. Share and Enjoy!


Google Flickr Picture Viewer

This Google ig module lets you choose groups of Flickr images to have randomly displayed on your homepage. You can select images using any combination of the three main features Search, Favorites and Interesting.

As soon as it loads on the page this module collects info about pictures from Flickr based on picture criteria you provide in the user preferences. Then it randomly displays 1 or 2 images randomly selected from the image info it got from Flickr. The number of images displayed depends on the size of the images. The module will fit as many pictures as possible without running out of vertical space...   [Learn More & Installer]

Toggle Google

This Google ig module lets you hide the search form at the top of the google home page while retaining the useful links loginin/logout and add content links at the top of the page. Additionally the module provides the option to add useful links (to google services & flickr) next to the add content llink at the top of the page. [Learn More & Installer]

30 Boxes Module

30 Boxes is an online calendar application. This module lets you view your 30 boxes events in your google hompage. bookmark viewer is a social bookmarking  site that I use to keep track of bookmarks without having to lug a computer around with me everywhere.

[Learn More & Installer]


Unofficial Google Calendar Module

Google Calendar release without a google homepage module. I was able to make some simple changes to my 30 Boxes Module to get it to display some basic info. 

[Learn More & Installer]

Todo List

My Brother is writing a todo module. Link will be available soon.