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Update 2006-04-21: This really nice guy named Chris McKeever has created a full featured google calendar module.  It's much more functional than the version you will find on this page. It does recurring events, and has a lot of cool configurability options! I've switched over to using it. 


The following is the original page I posted the day after google release its calendar application.

Google has release a really cool online calendar but they dont have a way to put that calendar on your Google's Homepage. So I had this module laying around that displayed calendar info from 30 Boxes on the Google Hompage, and it turned out to be realitively easy to convert it to work with Googles calendar. I'm assuming that at any moment google will come out with an uber cool calendar homepage module. Until feel this one gives some basic funcitonality.

WARNING: If you have any recurring events in your calendar this module will not display them! Consider using this alternative module which does recurring events and much more!


  1. Displays your Google Calendar appointments in order based on start date and time.
  2. Highlights any events happening today (configurable)
  3. Lets the user decide how many events to display
  4. Puts todays date at the top of the module
  5. Grows and shrinks depending on the numer of items you have to display.

 How to Install this Module 

 Goto and sign in (top right)

  1. Click on "Add Content" on the top left of the page.
  2. Click "Advanced Options" next to the search box
  3. Enter the url to the Calendar module into the "Create a Section" text box and click "Go". You can get the url by clicking on this text box and copying the text
  4. You’ll get a mild warning message about the fact that google didn’t write this module. Click "OK" unless you think I’m evil. I’m not, but if I were I probably wouldn’t admit it here.
  5. Return to your homepage and you will see the new module
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions
  7. Share and Enjoy 

 How to get the module to display your calendar

By default the calendar module doesn't know about your calendar. You need to give it the URL to the XML feed of your calendar. Here are the steps to get your calendar module to know about your calendar.

  1. Log into your google calendar
  2. Click on settings at the top left to view your calendar settings 
  3. Click on the calendar tab if it is not already selected to see a list of your calendars
  4. Click on the name of one of your calendars to display the calendar details (This will be the calendar you will be able to see in the module.)
  5. On the calendar detail page are two orange XML images click on the one for your private feed
  6. Copy the URL from the resulting window
  7. On your google hompage click edit on the google calendar module
  8. Paste the URL from step 5 into the calendar feed text area
  9. Click save

 Your calendar should appear on your homepage.

Troubleshooting & Change Log

Make sure you have the latest version v0.014 of the module. You can find the version number by clicking on the edit link at the top of the module. If you dont have the latest version follow the instructions below for "How to get the latest version".

If you have the latest version and have a problem that is not listed in the "Known Issues" section below, please post a message at this google groups thread


Known Issues

  • I have no idea how it will work with recurring events
  • It will not display specific times for events 

Change Log: 

  • v0.014 change the module to skip recurring events but still display nonrecurring ones. It used to just crash.
  • v0.013 initial version based on the 30 Boxes Google module

How To Get The Latest Version

The current version is v0.014

Click Here for instructions on how to upgrade a google module.

Comments & Feedback

Comments and feedback can be posted posted at this google groups thread.


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