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30boxesgooglemodule30 Boxes is an online calendar application. Google's Homepage is a webpage that lets you display all sorts of stuff from different places. This Module is my answer to an incompatability between 30 Boxes and Google's homepage.


  1. Displays your 30 Boxes appointments in order based on start date and time.
  2. Highlights any events happening today (configurable)
  3. Lets the user decide how many events to display
  4. Puts todays date at the top of the module
  5. Grows and shrinks depending on the numer of items you have to display. [as of v0.093]
  6. Now supports recurring events!!! 2006-03-30
  7. Optionally display the start and end time of events!

How to Install this Module

Goto http://www.google.com/ig and sign in (top right)

  1. Click on this button Add to homepage
  2. You’ll get a mild warning message about the fact that google didn’t write this module. Click "OK" unless you think I’m evil. I’m not, but if I were I probably wouldn’t admit it here.
  3. Return to your homepage and you will see the new module
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions
  5. Share and Enjoy

Troubleshooting & Change Log

Make sure you have the latest version v0.094 of the module. You can find the version number by clicking on the edit link at the top of the module. If you dont have the latest version follow the instructions below for "How to get the latest version".

If you have the latest version and have a problem that is not listed in the "Known Issues" section below, please email me at parussel+30boxes(at)gmail.com

Known Issues

  • skipped dates on recurring events show on the module calendar

Change Log:

  • v0.093 fixed the font problem in firefox and moved the module to its new home at google code.
  • v0.093 After getting tuns of emails asking me to make the module grow and shrink on its own and responding that the people could follow this rather involved process to make the module do just that, I broke down and changed the module to automatically grow and shrink.
  • v0.092 added the ability to display the start and end time of an event. click edit to configure what is displayed.
  • v0.089 justified all events with the furthest date (if recurring events occurr). Thanks Christine for the idea!
  • v0.085
    • fixed event ordering bug found and debugged by Ryan G. Thanks Ryan!
    • Changed date format to from 04-06 to Apr 6
    • Added end dates to multi day events and support highlighting in n+1 days
  • v0.078 added workaround for google homopage bug that causes the modules not to load
  • v0.073 fixed the bug where reciently created events were not being displayed. Turned out to be another google caching problem
  • v0.072 event links so tey take you to the correct day on your 30 boxes calendar.
  • v0.071 support for recurring tasks

How To Get The Latest Version

The current version is v0.095

Click Here for instructions on how to upgrade a google module.

Developer info... WHY a module?

Looking back Im sure I'll wonder why I bothered with a module... here's the reason.

The Problem

By default 30 Boxes allows you to put your calendar on the Google Homepage via an RSS feed. There is a problem with using their RSS feed on Google's Homepage in order to view your calendar... Events are sorted in the order you edited them instead of their expected chronological order. This is not a bug in 30 Boxes. It is a side effect of a very cool feature in Google's Homepage. The homepage keeps track of the contents of an RSS feed and puts the most recent changes on top, even if they are out of order with the feed ordering. In the context of news this is actually useful, but when your using RSS for Calendaring its annoying to see your trip to Bali in next year showing up on top of things that are happening this week.

The Solution

I used the 30 Boxes API and Google's Homepage API with XML for <SCRIPT> and threw together this module. The source for this module is available here http://code.google.com/p/igoogle-30boxes-module/

Comments and feedback can be sent to parussel+30boxes (at) gmail.com

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