Court Camera

Court 2 video camera 

The camera above court 2 has now been installed and is ready to use. You’ll need a recordable DVD  (it will work with +R/RW and -R/RW DVDs). The DVD recorder is accessed via the balcony overlooking court 2. 

How to use the DVD recorder 

Court 2 camera footage

1. Eject the disc tray and insert your DVD. 

2. Close the disc tray and wait while the display reads, ‘PREPARING.’ 

3. Once the disc has been prepared the display will change to ‘SCART-IN’ (if anything else is displayed then read Problems below). 

4. You are now ready to record. Press RECORD. The red light inside the record button will illuminate to confirm that the recording has started. 

5. Once you’ve finished your match press the STOP button to end recording. The display will read ‘PREPARING’. 

6. When the display resets to ‘SCART-IN’, press the EJECT button to eject the DVD tray. 

You will notice that the recorder does not respond for up to 30 seconds while the DVD is finalised. 


a) If the DVD player has been switched off then the display will default to ‘P00 -----‘. You will need to get the remote control and press the VIDEO SOURCE button until ‘SCART-IN’ is displayed on the front panel. 

b) If you insert a DVD which is not blank then ‘ROOT’ will display. You will need to get the remote control and press the WATCH TV button. ‘PREPARING’ will then be displayed for a 
few seconds before you can continue. 

The DVD recorder is set to record 6 hours on a standard 4.7GB DVD.

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