Summer Team Tournament 2015

There were 30 entries and there will be two  groups of 5 teams who will each play the other 4 teams in their group.   The two group winners and second place teams will be the four semi-finalists. The draw  has now been completed as follows:

Group A
1. Jason*    ( 1954)      Avon      (1726)        Mike B      (784)          =4464
2. Geoff *    (2874)        Darren     (1833)       Jack          (953)          =5060
3. Vivek    (2494)          Tim W     (1730)        Lorraine *    (886)        =5130
4. Ray*      (1938)         David W  (1700)        James Mo (883)          =4521
5. Phil *      (2153)        Olu          (1688)        Terry         (633)          =4474
Group B
1. Dan F*      (2036)     James Ma     (1618)     Darron       (1020)     =4674
2. Mark*        (2618)     Tom R         (1229)     Mauricio    (1141)      =4998
3. Charles*   (2392)      Matt            (1591)     James F     (885)       =4868
4. Mike B-H* (2321)     Tom G        (1420)      Richard      (1194)     =4935
5 .Ivan*         (1950)      Ian              (1756)     Edward      (1175)     =4881
Team Captain *
Reserves : Tim Widdows ( A 3)
1. Qualification and handicapping of players:
The 30 players have been split into three groups based on ranking points at the end of the last leaque .  These points ( shown above ) will be used for all matches up to the semi-finals /finals  ( when new ranking points will apply ) and the difference between the respective players will be used to calculate the handicap at 1 point per 100 points ranking differential ( points to be rounded up or down ie 151 points differential = 2 points  , 150 points differential = 1 point etc . If ranking difference results in 4 points or less , the lower ranked player will start each game at up to + 4 but if difference is  greater than 4 the balance will be applied as a  minus score for the higher ranked player.
2.  Scoring :
For this tournament, matches will be scored on a “ point per rally “ basis to 11 points ( sudden death at 10-10 ) over three games ie all 3 games played and the final result will be the total points scored by each player ( eg. 33- 24 ).
The two group winners and second placed teams  will be the teams with the highest number of points and in the event of tied points, the team with the most games won or if that is also tied the  higher points difference will win.
The winners of Group A and B will play the runners up in Groups B & A respectively in the semi-finals.

If a player does not turn up for any reason , the other player wins the match 33-0 but if a player becomes injured in the course of the tournament or is temporarily unavailable , a substitute will be allowed to play ( from the same league grouping ) and subject to the handicap rules. 

3 . Notification of Results:
The captain is responsible for reporting the results, as soon as possible to Richard Porter either by email  (preferably ) :   or text 07850 938461

4 . Schedule of Games:
The captain ( shown by an * ) is responsible for ensuring  the games take place , either as a team or individually and for sending the results through ( games individually and scores ) .
Bookings have been made made for the following  Fridays: 10th April,17th April, 24th April ,1st May,8th May,15th May, 22nd May,
29th May, June 5th,12th, 19th,26th  and July 3rd,10th,17th, 24th ,31st, August 7th,14th ,21st and 28th  at 6.40 and 7.20 pm on Courts 1 and 2.  Additionally, on Sundays 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th , 31st May and June 7th,14th,21st, 28th and July 5th ,12th, 19th and 26th  at 4.20 pm and 5.00 pm. Two team matches can be played on each date  – captains to contact me so dates can be allocated. If not booked 14 days before dates shown will be returned to SportsPark.
If you are unable to play  on these days - suggest you try and book two courts ( should be sufficient for three sets of three games )
See below for all match dates and up to date results and tables
Deadline for pool matches- 30th August

Semi Finals and Finals – to be  played Sunday 13th September  ( time to be confirmed- about 3.00 pm )
Tournament Organiser
Richard Porter
10th  March 2015