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This section of the website is dedicated for the social gatherings that members of RUSC are having. For all the calories burnt at the courts, we all deserve a pint or two at the bar. 

Currently our unofficial social secretary is Dan Jones, with his partner in crime Beth Law. If Dan can provide a report for our outings half as good as providing team match reports, expect some interesting insights and correlation between alcohol consumption and hitting a black rubber ball against the wall. If we're lucky, there might be some photos too.

Ethiopian buffet at the Global Cafe on Saturday 10th May

posted 9 Apr 2014, 03:31 by Geoff Woodcock

Ethiopian buffet for £10 per head at the Global Cafe on Saturday 10th May.

We have a table for 20 people to eat at 8pm reserved - SO BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.  

People can pay for their drinks at the bar. 

On Saturdays they have a live band or DJ.


Doro Wot (medium) The National Dish of Ethiopia. Succulent chicken simmered in spiced butter, Ethiopian mixed spices (berbere), onion and a tasty combination of seasonings.

Keye Sega Wot (Medium) Tender pieces of beef simmered in berbere and flavoured with various spices.

Misr Wot (Medium) A stew of gently flavoured lentils.  Another very popular Ethiopian dish. 

Fosolia (Mild)  A dish of subtly flavoured fried green beans and carrots.

Injera - A flat Ethiopian pancake with a slightly sour-dough taste. It is the perfect
complement to Ethiopian spices. Instead of using cutlery, tear a piece of Injera and scoop up your food – Gursha!

Rice - Tutu’s special rice with mixed vegetables.


Reserve your place by paying by:

Bank Transfer:
Account: 81092774

or card (see link below)

End of Summer League celebration

posted 25 Sep 2013, 08:45 by MrTrickle Boast

Hello Squashies,

As the summer nights are drawing in and team squash is at an all time low - 0 out of 8 wins for the first team, and 1 out of 8 wins for the second team - I thought a Squash social is in order! Only drinks (and maybe some dancing!) in Reading this time. We will probably do another meal and drink social nearer Christmas time.

From the results of the poll, the drinks social is going to be held on Saturday 5th October. For those that can make it, hurrah! For those that can't, change your plans!

I propose we meet in the Slug and Lettuce around 7.30pm-8.00pm (2 for 1 cocktails to loosen up those dancing moves!), then we can decide on where to go afterwards (maybe a Drum and Bass venue for Charles and his wild moves!)

Look forward to seeing you all then.


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