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League News - September 2018

posted 11 Sep 2018, 02:41 by Richard Porter   [ updated 13 Sep 2018, 09:34 ]


This league runs to Sunday 11th November and then the following league will end 6th January .


                                       League news


Welcome to 4 players joining the league and with  2 dropping out, we  have 49 players with a further 14 out injured or away.

In the last league, 104 games were played, being  93% of games , with 33 players playing all their games and 11 who did not with just  8 games not played. 59 games were played in the last two weeks.


Annual Knockout tournament


The draw for the annual club tournament will take place later this month ( last chance to let me know in next 7 days if you do NOT want to be included) and the first round deadline will be  the 21st October through to finals on Sunday 9th December. Details of the tournament will be on the website and, as usual,  there will be three tournaments with the league players split between A,B & C and for each there will be the main competition with the first round losers going to the plate competition.






The following are the biggest increases in rankings in the last league :


Avon Seneviratne                 +163 points

James Mollard                     +145 points 

Terry Giles                          +141 points

Mark Chatfield                    +138 points

Mark Elliott                         +126 points

Vinnie Russell                       +105 points





Annual RUSC fee and Club tee shirts  


Thanks to all those who paid their fees on time.


The draw for the two club tee shirts has taken place at club night and the lucky winners were  Mark Priest and Josh Wells .


The first name drawn was actually Henry W but unanimously we decided that if Henry had been at club night he would have insisted that we should re-draw as he has hundreds of squash tee shirts already. His generosity was appreciated !       


Also this year everyone who paid their fee will be able to collect from Geoff at The Racket Shop a free squash ball ( to be collected by the 30th September )



Club Polls


Thanks to all those who voted in the recent polls- the response  was 72%.


The results were:


Squash team eligibility


Votes were  17 for and 16 against  the proposal that for this Winter League only  and whilst the 1st team are in the Premier League one player may play for the team without having to play in the leagues. This will now be implemented.


Formation of committee


14 voted in favour of the proposal that it would be beneficial to form a committee and were prepared to stand on the committee and a further 8 voted in favour of a committee but were not prepared to serve on the committee! There were 11 votes against.


 Further advices will follow regarding the actual formation of the committee. It is  similar to Brexit (hopefully not so painful) in that the idea of a committee has been agreed in principle and now it is just necessary to decide how this should be implemented. It might be that for those interested some brain storming sessions might be appropriate but if anyone has any ideas, they will be welcome.


The original suggestion was  a committee of 4-6 people meeting 4 times a year with, as appropriate, sub committees  on the more labour intensive subjects , like social events , competitions , coaching, club finances.




Team Matches


The Summer leagues have now concluded and the great news is that both teams won promotion. The 1st team from Division 2 to 1 and the 2nd team from Division 4 to 3. A tremendous effort by both teams.


No sooner has that league finished than the new Winter League starts on September 13th with the 1st team playing, for the first, in the Premier Division and the 2nd team in Division 3. The first home game is on the 13th for the 1st team.


Do come along to support and please ensure you make yourself available for selection as we will need our strongest teams this season.






Court Closures


Many of you will have noticed cracks on the front walls of Courts 2 & 3 and I am pleased to report that Sportspark have arranged for these to be repaired. The work will take place on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd October and these courts will not be available for these two days.


Berkshire Squash Closed Tournament


Spaces still available for this tournament which takes place on the 20th and 21st October at SportsPark and Wellington. Details have been circulated to all members. If any queries contact Henry. Entries –





Club squash shirts


The original design (in the two different colours) are still available and still at £17.50 each. The new range of tee shirts, as proudly worn by the teams, is available in a wide range of colours with the squash club logo printed thereon at a mere £10 each. Both shirts are now produced by Geoff at The Racket Shop.




Club Coaching


 Andras Pal is available to provide coaching for those interested. Andras is a Level 2 squash ( and racketball ) coach with extensive experience working with various age groups with varying abilities . Andras plans to offer group and individual squash coaching for RUSC members at SportsPark.


If anyone would like to talk to Andras about coaching now, then please contact him either by e-mail or phone : andras.squash@gmail.com / tel:0740-255-7654 9 or see details on his club profile page.





Sunday Club Night




The times for club night (every Sunday night) are from 17.00 pm  to 19.40 .It is an opportunity to play other league players of all standards and also some non RUSC members, many from other clubs and some of a high standard.




Richard Porter   9th September 2018