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League news July 2018

posted 24 Jul 2018, 02:45 by Richard Porter   [ updated 24 Jul 2018, 02:46 ]

This league runs to Sunday 9th September and then the following leagues will end Sunday 4th November and 6th January  respectively.


                                       League news


Welcome to 6 players joining the league and with  3 dropping out, we   have 47 players with a further 15 out injured or away.

We say farewell to Karl Manley who is moving out of the area. Karl has played in the leagues for the last three years and played regularly for the teams. We wish him well for the future. 

In the last league, 102 games were played, being  90% of games , with 33 players playing all their games and 10 who did not with  11 games not played. 63 games were played in the last two weeks- 41 in the last week!


Berkshire Squash Closed Tournament

This tournament will take place on the 21 and 22nd October at SportsPark and Wellington. Details have been circulated to all members. If any queries contact Henry. Entries –



The following are the biggest increases in rankings in the last league :


Mark Elliott                          +244 points

Jack Lines                            +161 points

Richard Porter                     +136 points

James Mollard                      +116 points 

Dan Francis                          +103 points

Alex Pitt                              +101 points


Annual RUSC fee

It is that time of year when the annual fees  of £15 are due ( payable before  the end of August) and therefore, please pay in the next few weeks to avoid unnecessary chasing.

The good news is that once again the fee has been maintained at £15 and not only that but as for the last two years there will be a draw for two club tee shirts for those who have paid their fee by the 2nd September.


Also this year everyone who has paid their fee by the due date will be able to collect from Geoff at The Racket Shop a free squash ball ( to be collected by the 30th September )


If not paid, you will not be included in the next league. Anyone who joined the leagues since 1st May 2018 has already “ paid” through to 2019.


Payment methods are as before: ( preferred method – Bank transfer  – as this costs the club nothing)


You can either post a cheque (payable to "RU Squash club") for £15 to Geoff  at the shop or make a transfer to the club account number 81092774 sort code 40 36 03 (please give it a reference of your surname and "league fee" so that it can be  tracked) and also now you can pay by credit card/paypal - see website > membership.



Finally, you can pay me cash at club night.

RU Squash Club,
The Racket Shop,
481, Northumberland Avenue


Part of the fee will go towards your England Squash membership (see www.englandsquash.com for details) and the rest towards website costs, competitions etc.



Team Matches


Both the 1s and 2nd teams  suffered defeats last Thursday and both have slipped to second position in their respective leagues following a good start by both teams in the winter league.


If your name is not already on the team roster, please let me , Henry or Geoff  know so you can be included.


Please make sure the team squad are available as we need our strongest teams  for some tough matches ahead.


 Support is always welcome and appreciated – the forthcoming games are shown on the website. The next home game is the 1st team on the 2nd August  and the 2nd team on the 16th August.





Walkovers ,cancellations ,lateness ,court fees, responses and injuries

Pleased to report a better league with only a few complaints about one or two players not responding.


 However, for the benefit of the many recent joiners and possibly some of the existing players I have re-stated the position in respect of, firstly , players who do not turn up for a league game .   Most players would  automatically offer a walkover to their opponent in these circumstances and equally most opponents  try and re-arrange the game as they would rather play than take a walkover but as it gets towards the end of the league , this becomes increasingly difficult and thus walkovers are the only option.

Secondly, if anyone cancels a game, for whatever reason, then the onus is on them to re-arrange the game, if there is time, but otherwise the previous comments will equally apply.

Unfortunately, there are a few players who have a track record for late cancellations or not showing and this will be taken into account in deciding whether a walkover is appropriate.

If anyone turns up late for a game, the rules clearly provide for this situation whereby if the game is not finished then the late arrival loses the match, with the score dependent on the actual games played (see rules) .

Finally, despite all the reminders, there are still members who do not respond to requests for games which is not only annoying for those who make the effort to organise their games but is also discourteous . If you do not respond to requests for games then walkovers will be awarded   (saying you are unable to play without offering alternative dates is the same as no response ).

There is a facility on your profile to show if you are away and should be used if you are away during a league period .If you know you are going to be away for a longer period or going to be busy then please drop out of the league and return the following league to avoid inconveniencing players.


Walkovers can only be claimed by referring to me with all the relevant information.


If you do not play a game, please do not decide on a 2-2 result as that is not in the spirit of the leagues and is unfair on those who make every effort to play their games.


Finally, it is expected that the person who has booked the court be offered half the court rate applicable by the other player, especially if that player does not have VO2 max membership.


Club squash shirts

The original design (in the two different colours) are still available and still at £17.50 each. The new range of tee shirts, as proudly worn by the teams, is available in a wide range of colours with the squash club logo printed thereon at a mere £10 each. Both shirts are now produced by Geoff at The Racket Shop. In the first instance, please let me know if you are interested.



Club Coaching

 Andras Pal ia available to provide coaching for those interested. Andras is a Level 2 squash ( and racketball ) coach with extensive experience working with various age groups with varying abilities . Andras plans to offer group and individual squash coaching for RUSC members at SportsPark.


If anyone would like to talk to Andras about coaching now, then please contact him either by e-mail or phone : andras.squash@gmail.com / tel:0740-255-7654 9 or see details on his club profile page.





Sunday Club Night


Andras Pal will be providing two more taster sessions at club night from 6.30 pm on 5th and 19th August.


The times for club night (every Sunday night) are from 17.00 pm  to 19.40 .It is an opportunity to play other league players of all standards and also some non RUSC members, many from other clubs and some of a high standard.




Richard Porter   22nd July  2018