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'Fishing' and excessive let calling in a league game

posted 24 Jan 2017, 04:40 by Geoff Woodcock   [ updated 24 Jan 2017, 07:50 by Henry Withrington ]

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For my first post, I feel I should address one issue that I and many members have experienced and complained about. This being excessive use of lets and ‘fishing'. We always feel safer having an impartial maker laying down the law rather than keeping score ourselves, but mainly to avoids tedious and aggressive debate amongst the players themselves.

Yes league games are competitive and we want to win, but you want to have a pleasant/stress free game at the same time. Every player, at one point in their life, has thought after work ‘ah crap I have to play ‘x’ in a league game tonight’. Yes we can have that feeling when playing someone with a marker (like a team match), but it doesn’t turn my stomach nearly as much knowing there won’t be a marker to administrate the chaos.

So why does this get my goat? It it because fishing and let calls stimulate debates between two biases that ends up into a house of commons spat! This results in ruining the spirit of the game and ultimately your motivation to get back on court. After a long day, the last thing anyone wants is to spend their free time having a domestic!

Where does this behaviour originate? Sometimes it is poor education of the rules (any interference = let, which is baloney), but most of the time it comes from the attitude of 'do anything it takes to win'. All I know is that anyone who fishes during a league game and doesn’t expect backlash from his advisory is either deluded or lying. If you have the attitude of doing whatever it takes to win, then get out of the leagues and start playing tournaments. The majority of players in the league understand the spirit of the game who will not call a let unless there is no way of getting to the ball or if the opponent is in danger of getting hit. I see so many times when a player has the whole court to play a shot, but deliberately extends their racket to touch the player, without any intention to play the ball, in hopes of getting a stroke. Or my personal pet peeve, people brush past and are there to play the ball but feel the need to call a let. REMEMBER, if you can get your racket to the ball despite interference (no matter how awkward)……..you shouldn't be calling a let! 

If you keep it to these black and white rules, you will find your squash will be a lot more enjoyable and become fitter because of it. Also for goodness sake, if there is a disagreement of any kind just call a let, don't try to cheat your way to a point and get on with the game.

Please practice what I preach, since not only will this improve your squash, but it will avoid putting off other players from the club leagues!

"Lets and Strokes are there to protect the safety of the players and trafficking their movement. Not to score points." - Quote by Henry Withrington


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