Coaching camp

There will be a squash coaching camp held at the SportsPark on the 4th of November. Jesse Engelbrecht shall be leading the camp, he is a former world number 50 and coaches squash players from beginner to pro level. Some of you might have also seen him on some of the videos on SquashSkills.

The camp will run from 10am-4pm. There will be 12 slots to fill at a club subsidised rate of £30 per person. Entry shall be first come first serve, to ensure we have different levels at the camp we will be limiting the number of entries to the following categories:

PD/Div 1: 3 people
Div2/ Div 3/ Div 4: 6 people
Div5/Div 6: 3 people

If we are unable to fill any of the categories, the next person on the waiting list will gain entry to the camp.