2012 RUSC Annual Knockout Tournament

The draw has now been completed for this year's club tournament ( see links beside - click on Main Diagram )
Those entering have been divided into the three grade classifications A , B & C in roughly  equal numbers. 
The top  seeded players in each group receive byes to the 2nd round with the remaining players playing first round matches,
the losers going to the quarter finals of the plate competition .
Good luck in your games and don't forget to send results to me as soon as possible.
1. Qualification of players:
All current league players have been entered into the draw
‘A’ Grade for  top third of players by current ranking
‘B’ Grade for  next third  by current ranking
'C' Grade for remaining third by current ranking
 There will also be an ‘A’ , ‘B’ & C  Plate competition for 1st round losers 

2. Arranging Games:
The top player in each pairing is responsible for contacting the lower player to arrange the game
Either player may book the court and the court fee will be shared
Please note all player contact details are on University Squash League website

3.  Scoring :
For this tournament, matches will be scored on a “ point per rally “ basis to 11 points  ( two points clear at 10-10 ) best of 5 games .
If a match is unfinished at the end of time then whoever is ahead at that time is the winner- if scores are equal, then the server at that time is the winner.

4 . Notification of Results:
The winner is responsible for reporting the result to Richard Porter either by
email (preferably )  rporter@theporters100.com   or phone   0118 926 5637  or text 07850 938461 ( All results will be acknowledged ).
5 . Unplayed Games:
Games that have not been played by the due date will result in the lower player being awarded the match
6 . Issue of next round draw :
The updated schedule for each round will be on the website  the day after the previous round finishes
7 . Provisional Schedule of Games:
1st Round to be played by Sunday 25th November 
2nd Round to be played by Sunday 16th December  
Quarter Finals to be played by Sunday 6th January
Semi Finals – to be  played by Sunday 20th January 
FINALS will be on Sunday 27th January starting at 5 pm
Tournament Organiser
Richard Porter
19th October 2012