Why Rus-Men Farms?

Did you ever wonder what the difference is between our meats and store bought meats? Well we can tell you. Our meats are raised in a more natural environment and store bought meats are raised on large feed lots where the animals do not get personal attention, the do not have the freedom to do what comes natural to them. Our animals are able to move inside or outside, lay down when they want eat when they want, etc. Store bought meats are injected with phosphate water to promote tenderness and add flavor. Our meats do not require this process because they are aged in the cooler for 7 days, then cut and vacuum sealed and frozen. Our meats are naturally flavorful, no need for artificial treatments. All of our meats come from animals that are raised right here on our farm, not shipped clear across the country, or even from another country. They are fresh and local. Our animals are all processed one at a time, so there is virtually no risk for contamination, store bought meats are processed in a huge facility and meat inspetors are not present for each animal harvested. Large packing plants process thousands of animals per day, elevating the risk for contamination greatly. We know who our meat processors are, we look them in the eye when we pick up our meats and can ask questions and even see the whole process to ensure its integrity.