Beef Pork Chicken

Children Showing off Rus-Men Farms MeatsAnimals at Rus-Men Farms MeatsGrilling Rus-Men Farms MeatsCut of Rus-Men Farms MeatMeat Bundle of Rus-Men Farms MeatsPork Bundle of Rus-Men Farms MeatsEggs, Veggies, and Meats from Rus-Men Farms MeatsRus-Men Farms farm equipmentRus-Men Farms Meats Poultry PenRusty from Rus-Men Farms Meats in corn fieldMendy from Rus-Men Farms Meats with animalsRus-Men Farms Meats farm equipment in actionRus-Men Farms Meats whole poultry caseRus-Men Farms Meats harvested cornMendy from Rus-Men Farms Meats holding fall MumsRus-Men Farms Meats farm equipment in actionBerries grown on Rus-Men FarmsSmall Child enjoying truck ride on Rus-Men FarmsRus-Men Farms Meats Individually packaged whole poultrySmall Child enjoying fruits from Rus-Men FarmsRus-Men Farms Meats family sitting on farm equipmentRus-Men Farms Meats TurkeysRus-Men Farms Meats farm equipment in actionGoat on hay bale at Rus-Men FarmsSeveral Cuts of Beef from Rus-Men Farms MeatsVeggies, Eggs, and Meat from Rus-Men Farms MeatsSunset at Rus-Men Farms MeatsVeggies, and Meat from Rus-Men Farms MeatsFarm Equipment hauling hay bales on Rus-Men Farms

are you curious about what sets our meat apart?


We have educated ourselves and partnered with The Ohio State University and other professional resources to develop our premium product blueprint. Through our program, we are able to produce livestock --that provide a safe, high quality protein for your family.

Individualistic Approach

Did you know, when you purchase your ground beef in the store it contains up to 1300 different animals?! Our ground beef contains 1 steer. We can trace all packages of meat back to their origination, guaranteed! Each animal is also harvested at their prime. This is why our meat is superior to the meat purchased elsewhere. We take the time and care to give you meat that we are proud of! Oh yeah, we also like to eat it too.


We have been in our community for 8 generations. We are invested in it and desire to contribute to increasing the quality of life by providing residents with a source for local meat.

Food Security

Availability of local food is our passion. We will connect you with producers that maintain our standard of premium food. These are farmers we personally know and utilize ourselves. We have worked to form relationships with local producers to secure that the local production of food continues. We have done our part to build connections and encourage growth. It is the consumers job by purchasing these products to ensure that it survives. We welcome you to join our efforts.

Food Safety

We have been producing premium meat for over 3 generations and have yet to have any recalls. We partner with local professionals who share our vision of quality and safety. When you purchase your meat from us, you know it has been handled with state inspected standards and guidelines.