The Royal United Services Institute of Medicine Hat has undertaken Project 175 to create a monument to commemorate the contributions that citizens of the Medicine Hat area gave to end WWI.  

Project 175 is planned to be a large monument similar to Battalion Park at Signal Hill in Calgary.  The Institute is working to build the Medicine Hat WWI Monument on the side of a hill in Medicine Hat that will be highly visible throughout the City.  The Monument is planned to be a series of numbers and letters made of thousands of white stones that spell out the abbreviations of two units that were raised in Medicine Hat during WWI, the 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles (3 CMR) and the 175th (Medicine Hat) Battalion C.E.F. (175).  On each side of the Monument there will be a Maple Leaf made up of red bricks from the I-XL Industries Ltd. Redcliff Pressed Brick Plant.  The bricks are over 100 years old adding more history to the Monument.

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If you have questions about the project or how you can help make it a reality you can email us at: or call the Committee Chair, Scott Payne, at 403-878-0790