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Philosophical Starter
    Teachers will adopt technology if the tools speak to them at a personal level.  Furthermore, the exploration of tools, resources, and communities can be a vehicle for building staff collaboration and morale, as well as orienting teachers to ways of promoting programs and schools.  That we are in a period of budget craziness (i.e., we have next to no money) creates headaches, for sure, but also allows opportunities for us to work together in creative, new ways.
    I will present six things not to do, paired with six approaches that can make good things happen for your teachers and students.  I'll trod on some sacred ground - keep an open mind!

Part 1: Training
  • the question of expertise
    addressing the single biggest fear teachers have
  • the evil power of jargon and the force of good that is 'cool'
    the example: Cool Iris
  • how teachers can and should share with each other
    the video from my buddy Mark Dohn: Lab Rules
Part 2: Funding
  • labs and classrooms
    showing what you can do with one or two, and my example using Wikispaces
  • free and expensive software
    there are so many powerful things available for free, such as the Google stuff
  • hardware and opportunities
    making the most of what we have, and who will be angry about it

My Efforts to Save the World from Ignorance
  • Videos by and for teachers and students everywhere:
    • free to use and contribute to, focused on student audiences, and our rules
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Let Them Know: Featured Speaker Evaluation

    the Lab Rules video I showed
    the Scouting video I may have showed

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