Digital Video and the Projects You'll Want To Do

    me, the Krause Center at Foothill College,

Some Videos
    Airport Applause - the questions that good videos provoke (from YouTube)
    Multiply by Nines - the confidence that comes from sharing what you know

Multimedia Tools and Resources - approaches to using audio, images, and video
    Audacity - powerful audio editor
    PodSafeAudio and Jamendo - music you can use
    PartnersInRhyme - both royalty-free and free sound effects (note the difference)
    Photo Story 3 - a free program from Microsoft - really.
    Flickr and Morguefile - images in quantity and quality
    Voice Thread - audio blogs with images
    Jing - freeware for screencasting
    Movie Makers - community and advice for those using Movie Maker
    Apple iMovie Tutorials - all you need to make the most of iMovie

    YouTube - great source for tutorials
        YouTube EDU - Google's answer to ITunesU?
            info for educators
        Zamzar - for bringing these videos to your desktop
    Creative Commons - copyright, public domain, and 'copyright-friendly'; royalty-free vs. free
        proper citation is always a component - use filenames to keep the info
    Citing Sources, the easy way (a guide I created)
    Light Bulbs
        lots of math in this collection; use them to build confidence
    Global Views
        five continents so far, two to go!
    Seeing Service
        those needing a little inspiration, try Parts 1 and 2 of 4 Generations
    Interesting in submitting a video?

    Community Intros
    Sonnets and Multimedia
        Jim Sill interview about this project:
    Career Exploration

    Common Mistakes
        have students find weaknesses and strengths naturally
    Free Resources

Let The MACUL People Know: Featured Speaker Evaluation

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