Ohio County, WV Rush Notes

Was the Jacob and Jeremiah Rush in 1810 Ohio County, Virginia (became West Virginia in 1863) the same Jacob and Jeremiah in 1820 Monroe County, Ohio? In 1820, there are no Rush families in Ohio County or found in the state of Virginia, which indicates they moved on. In the 1830s, there were entries in the court records for Conrad and Daniel Rush.
Early land records in Ohio County show David Rush involved in two transactions in 1834 when he purchased land from Isaac Briggs and Samuel Dunlap. The Dunlap transaction was on Stulls Run.
War of 1812 - 6th Regiment of Virginia Militia-
Private Bethuel Rush
Private Jeremiah Rush
Private John Rush
Sergeant John Rush  Coleman's  Aug - Dec 1814
Private Thomas Rush Coleman's Aug - Dec 1814
Court records in Ohio County show several Rush entries:
1798 James Gamble John Rush
1803 John Hide Jack Rush chancery
1804 John Hide Jacob Rush debt
1805 Jacob Rush John Hide
1808 Moses Shepherd Jacob Rush trespass
1809 Mary Rush Jacob Keller
1809 Moses Shepherd Jacob Rush
1810 Mary Rush Jacob Keller
1811 Mary Rush Jacob Keller covenant
1812 Paul Dent Jacob Rush debt
1812 Jacob Keller Mary Rush
1813 James Rush Nicholas Simmons debt
1814 Isaac Rush Joseph Vanmeter slander/trespass
1814 Joseph VanMetre Jacob Rush debt
1814 Paul Durat Jacob Rush
1815 James Rush Nicholas Simmons
1815 Paul Durat Jacob Rush
1816 William Perrine, assignee of Isaac Rush Joseph Vanmeter debt
1816 Obadiah Jennings Isaac Rush debt
1816 Jacob Rush John Moffett et al
1817 Jacob Rush John Moffett et al, heirs of Thomas White deed 
1818 Commonwealth  B. Rush trespass  
1818 Bethuel Rush William Fairchild (Fairchild was a neighbor to Jacob & Jeremiah in 1810)
1818 Isaac Rush Joseph Van Meter
1824 Jacob Rush  & wife to Thomas Wood
1827 Daniel Rush, infant by Isaac Rush, his next friend David Barley Trespass on Assault & Battery
1828 Isaac Rush guardian bound in Major Miller
1828 Major Miller bound to 

Isaac Rush