Rush Allied Families - Morris & Truax

Prudance Morris was the wife of Slater Benson Rush. An 1850 court case in Monroe County identified her siblings as William Morris, Sarah Jane (James) Hendershot, Frances (Casper) Hendershot, and Phoebe (Ephraim) Jones. All of these siblings inherited land from Richard Morris who died in 1847. He was laid to rest in Harmony Baptist Cemetery, Sunsbury Township, Monroe County, Ohio. His wife Mary also died in 1847 and is also interred in Harmony Cemetery. 

This court case and the subsequent quit claim deeds would appear to identify Richard and Mary as the parents of Prudance, but the age of Richard and Mary at the birth of the first child, Prudance, suggests this may be a second marriage for Richard or perhaps they were grandchildren. Richard was born about 1778 in New Jersey. Mary was born about 1793 in Pennsylvania. At the time of Prudance's birth in 1823, Richard would have been 45 and Mary would have been 30. The ages seem old to begin a family at this point in history. In the 1830 census, there is a young adult male and female in the home of Richard Morris. These could be children from a previous marriage and/or the parents of Prudance and siblings. Perhaps they died and the children were raised by Richard and Mary. This is all theory.

What we know of Richard Morris:

He purchased land in Monroe County in 1817 and his residence at that time was Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  Later we find record of our Richard selling this land. He appears in Monroe County census in 1830 along with several other Morris men in Sunsbury Township. There are other Morris families before this, but they do not appear to be connected to Richard.
Obadiah Truax was the administrator of Richard's estate in 1847. Obadiah's wife was reportedly Elizabeth Morris, and some claim she was the daughter of Richard. Another Morris -Truax connection: John Morris was the administrator of the estate of Catherine Sams Truax along with Obadiah Truax (1843). John was of the same generation as Richard and is more likely to be a brother than a son. 

A handwritten record of the family of Prudance and Slater Rush which was found in the Bible of their oldest son, John King Rush (author unknown but possibly King's wife, Julia Mellott Rush) notes the parents of Prudance as _____ Morris and ______ Truax. 

Philip Truax and Fanny Stillwell had a daughter named Mary born about 1788. According to an estate settlement of another child of this couple, Mary was deceased by 1867 and she had married a Morris. To make this more interesting, Richard was living next to Cornelius and Samuel Truax, sons of Philip & Fanny. There are also several Truax burials in Harmony Baptist Cemetery. The Truax family, along with other Sunsbury Township families, can be found in the records of Tonoloway Baptist Church and Sideling Hill Baptist Church in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.
One online source states that John Morris was married to Mary Truax. The only evidence they cited was John's wife in the 1850 census was Mary Truax. This Mary Morris died in 1869 and if the above information about the brother's 1867 will is accurate, this couldn't be the same Mary Truax.