Isaac Rush

Isaac Rush was born about 1785 in Pennsylvania. He first appears in the Monroe County, Ohio census in 1820. In 1820, the Rush men named in the Monroe County, Ohio census were Jacob (over 45), Bethuel (26-45), Elias (16-26), Richard (16-26), Isaac (26-45), Jeremiah (26-45), Peter (26-45), Charles (16-26). In 1826, Isaac is listed in the tax records of Sunsbury Township as owning lot 25 in Beallsville.
In 1824 Isaac was named in a suit of ejectment against Jacob Rush. A judgement was rendered against Jacob with service to Isaac Rush concerning an eviction by Richard Parsons. The suit against Jacob was continued in 1827 with Jeremiah Rush providing bail for Jacob.
Family Legend --Grace Suter Schafer,who did a great deal of family research before her death in 1975, said family stories identified two brothers for Isaac: Peter and Jacob. The family also related that this Rush line came from Lancaster County and Beford County, Pennsylvania. Another branch of Isaac's family, also named Lancaster and Bedford as points of origin. Nola Jones, the daughter of Mary Rush Jones and the great-granddaughter of Isaac, stated the family lived in a place called Mt. Alpine.
Isaac does not appear in the 1860 census of Monroe County, but he and Elizabeth both gave affidavits in the pension file of Mary, widow of their son Richard Rush. It was signed in 1863.  Grace Schafer gave his date of death as 19 Sep 1861. She gave no source for that record. He is interred at the Mount Olive Church Cemetery, Lee Township, Monroe County, Ohio. His lot adjoins those of his son Isaac and his wife Amy. A grave beside Isaac's has the same style of roughly carved field stone and is probably that of Elizabeth.

The children of Isaac Rush were:
1. Possibly a son born between 1804-1810
2. Jemima Rush 1806-1881 (John Clithero)
3. Rachel Rush 1808 - ?
4. Elizabeth Rush 1810 - ca 1863 (George Brock)
5. Joshua B. Rush 1812- after 1880 (Mary Mellott)
6. Isaac Rush II 1816-1893 (Amy Barcus)
7. Richard Rush 1819 - 1862 (Mary unknown)
8. Slater Benson Rush 1823 - 1890 (Prudance Morris)
Isaac's wife
There has long been a debate about the identity of the wife of Isaac Rush. Due to the guardianship record in Monroe County, many assumed that Isaac's wife died and left an estate. Since we now know that the children of Isaac were named in the will of Joshua Brown, it does not necessarily mean that Isaac's wife was deceased. Grace Suter Schafer was a great-granddaughter of Isaac. She recorded his wife's name was Ellen. No source for this information was given.
In the 1850 census, Isaac's wife was Elizabeth. In a biographical county history written about the Clithero family, it identified the parents of Jemima Rush Clithero as Isaac and Elizabeth. The history was published in 1910, so the information was not a primary source.
Whether it was Elizabeth, Ellen, or another woman, we are still left to wonder about her maiden name. Some have assumed she is the daughter of Joshua Brown. The only record of a marriage for Joshua was to the widow Sarah Balderston Ely. Both she and Joshua were past child-bearing years when they married.
WHAT IS THIS CONNECTION?  The names Pugh and Trembly appear often in connection with the Rush family. Isaac Pugh was named guardian of the boys in the 1823 court case. The Pugh name can be found in Chester County- East Nottingham Township census records. Three of the families were living next to the Gatchells. They also appear in East Nottingham Quaker records. In addition, there is an Abraham Pew in Fayette County in 1810, which is where Isaac Rush was living in that year. As for Trembly, Abraham Trembly was surety for Isaac in the guardianship case along with Peter Rush (probably Isaac's brother) and John Clithero (either the future husband or father-in-law of Jemima Rush). The Tremblys seem to appear wherever the Rushes appear in Pennsylvania.
This is only supposition. If anyone can shed light on either of these two families, please email me.
Isaac and Joshua Brown
11 Jul 1823 - Joshua Brown of Little Britain, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, died at the age of 64. He was the son of Joshua Brown and Hannah Gatchell. In his will, he named as his beneficiaries, Sarah Brown, and "the children of Isaac Rush." Researchers of the Brown family have cited no children for Joshua Brown. Some researchers also state he was unmarried, but church records prove he married Sarah Balderston Ely, the widow of Hugh Ely.  What was the connection between Isaac and Joshua?
Joshua's nephew and witness to his will was Slater Brown. Isaac named his first son Joshua B. and his last son Slater. In Grace Schafer's notes, she recorded a story from one of the grandchildren of Isaac II (son of Isaac I) which mentioned that Isaac II received money from Pennsylvania and that when he was no longer receiving it, he contacted a lawyer in Philadelphia to look into the matter. A similiar story about an inheritance was found in notes of the family of Lorenzo Dow Rush, another son of Isaac II.

September term 1824, Monroe County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas - page 58
Jemima Rush, aged 18yr 7m, Rachel Rush aged 16y 1m, Elizabeth Rush aged 14y 5m, severally chose Isaac Rush their guardian on his giving bond in the sum of $300. Upon application the court do appoint Isaac PUGH guardian of Joshua Rush, aged 12y 5m, Isaac Rush aged 10y 2m and Richard Rush aged 4y 5m, and Slater Rush aged 20m, on his giving bond in the sum of $500.00, with John SMITH and Henry BALDING his securities.
May term 1825- page 61
Upon application the court do appoint Peter RUSH, Abram TREMBLY, and John CLITHERO as the securities of Isaac Rush, guardian of the minor children of the said Isaac Rush, agreeably to an order of this court as the last term instead of John Smith and Henry Balding.
February term 1827 - page 112
Came into court, Elizabeth Rush, aged 15 years and 7 days, and chose John LINN guardian over the estate of the said Elizabeth. Whereupon the court do approve of said choice and do appoint the said John LINN guardian over the persons and estates of Joshua RUSH, aged 14 years and 9 months, Isaac RUSH aged 12 years and 7 months, Richard RUSH, aged 8 years and 4 months, and States RUSH, aged 5 years and 2 months, minor heirs of Isaac Rush. Upon the said John LINN entering bond with sufficient security in the sum of One Thousand Dollars and thereupon Woodman OKEY and John GRAY being offered were accepted as securities.
May term 1826 page 108
John CLITHERO vs. Isaac RUSH, guardian - This day came the said John Clithero by Thomas H. GENIN, attny, and presented the petition of the said John CLITHERO, representing the court that the said Isaac Rush, who was at the September term A. D. 1824, appointed guardian of the minor heirs of the said Rush and that the said Rush is incapable of managing the concerns of his wards with ordinary discretion, and it also appearing to the court that a notice of this application had been duly served on the said Rush at least ten days previous to this term, and it also appearing to the court that the facts are true as in said petition stated, do order that the prayer thereof be granted and that order issue from this court ordering the said Rush to proceed no further in transacting the concern of his wards and also requiring the said Rush to come forward at the next term of this court and settle up his accounts as guardian as aforesaid.
From online tree of John Bladerston -- John married Hannah Cooper. Daughter Sarah Balderston, widow of Hugh Ely, married Joshua Brown. Her brother Mordecai died in Harrison Co. OH. His wife was Deborah Michener. Their daughter Deborah (1789-1834) married John Bush/Rush in 1811 in Belmont County, Ohio. This probably means nothing, but until this gets figured out, I'll keep track of all the tidbits I can find that might have a clue.