Fayette & Greene PA

Many researchers have long identified Fayette County, Pennsylvania, as a location through which the Monroe County, Ohio, Rush group migrated. The group in Fayette County came from New Jersey via Bedford/Somerset.
 In 1810 there are several Rushes in Fayette. Of special interest is Isaac and Peter who are found in Wharton Towship, along with Elizabeth Rush and Levy Rush. Isaac Rush is between 26-44 and a female between 26-44. There is one male under 10 and three females under 10. This would match our Isaac's family. On the next page is Peter Rush, several Mellotts and a Charles and Paul Stull. Peter Rush is between 26-44, as is the female in the household. There are three males under the age of 10 and 3 females under the age of 10.
An Isaac Rush is in 1800 Wharton Township, but the family age groupings suggest this is a different Isaac than the 1810 one. He may be the Isaac found in Washington County in 1810 as he is still there in 1820 and the age groupings match up. While the 1810 Wharton Township Peter would match the family age groupings of the 1820 Monroe County Peter, a Peter Rush is also found in Wharton in 1820. Paul Stull is enumerated on the same page, as well as Mellotts and an Abraham Trembly. There is also a Peter Rush in Salt Lick Township near the familiar Monroe County names of Obadiah Pittman, Benjamin Truax, and Workmans.
In 1800 Isaac, John and Peter are listed in Wharton Township. Paul Stull is also found on this page. Peter, George, Peter, Nathaniel, David, and Henry head the Rush families found in Saltlick Township. In 1800, our Isaac would have been too young to be numbered as a head of household.

Pension application of William Rush
William Rush was born in Morris County, New Jersey, 1 Jan 1765 and living in Roxbury Township, Morris County, NJ,
when he entered the Revolution and served as a private. He married Jane (or Jean) maiden name not stated on 11 Apr 1791
 in Bedford County, PA. He applied for a pension in 1834  while living in Jefferson Township, Greene, Pennsylvania.
William died 27 Feb 1839. Their children were:
Adam- Feb 12, 1793
Conrad- Aug 27, 1793
Barbara Nov 28, 1794
John  Feb 1, 1796
Mary May 9, 1797
Mary Jan 31, 1799
Charity Mar 26, 1801
Peter Jan 20, 1803
Elizabeth Mar 14, 1805
Nancy Mar 30, 1807
Jean Apr 2, 1809
Lydia Feb 28, 1811
William Jr. Jan 24, 1813

Rush family references in Leckey's Ten Mile Country

p 645- Mary Cowell d/o Christian & Mary (possibly HuftyCowell was married to Stephen Rush. He gave as a reference

Deed book 4 p 309. Proven incorrect. Mary was married to Peter Rush, per court documents and land records. (Research by Jane


Jacob Rush of Greene County was possibly married twice. It is believed his first wife was Elizabeth Leonard. They were

possibly the parents of Elizabeth, Jesse, and Leonard Rush. Jacob was secondly married to Lydia Bell (1748-1828) the daughter

of James & Mary. Jacob named in his will Lydia and the following children: Moses, Isaac (1770-1827), Nathaniel (1786-1867),

Mathias (1789-1863 married Sarah Iams), Mary (1796-1870 - David Hays), Jesse (d 1827), Leonard (b 1769, Jemima Hormell),

James (1770-1842 - PriscillaCase), Jacob (1761-1842), Nancy, Elizabeth, Hannah.  Jacob and Lydia were members of Goshen

Baptist Church. Mary Thomas, daughter of Margaret Hunnell & Henry Thomas, married Peter Rush. Her sister Margaret is

identified as living in Monroe County, Ohio.  Jacob Rush is listed in the 1784, 1785, 1790 tax list of Morgan Township. William

is listed in the 1784 Morgan Township list. John Rush is in Amwell township in that same year. Jesse Rush is found in 1790

Cumberland Township tax list.