Ohio- Monroe County Rush Family

The first Rushes in Monroe County records appear in 1818

Center Twp. tax list: RUSH Richard, Peter, Peter Sr., Elias, Obediah. (This was taken from a transcribed list and I have not viewed the original.)

1820 Monroe County -

Center Township - Jacob 45+ and Bethuel 26-45 

Sunsbury Township - Elias 16-26, Richard 16-26, Isaac 26-45, Jeremiah 26-45, Peter 26-45, Charles 16-26

1830 Monroe County -

Sunsbury Township - Jacob 80-90, Isaac 40-50, Jeremiah 50-60, Samuel 20-30, Elias 70-80 and 30-40 (same household)

Adams Township - Paul 20-30

Center Township - Bethuel 30-40

Tyler County, WV - Peter 50-60, Charles 20-30.

1840 Monroe County- 

Sunsbury Township - Isaac Sr., Richard, Isaac, Joshua. (This is Isaac Rush and his oldest three sons.)

Jackson Township - Abraham and Paul

Tyler County, WV Bethuel 50-60, Charles 40-50, Mary 40-50, Samuel 30-40.

A Listing of the Rush Surname Found in Monroe County, Ohio Tax Lists 1820 - 1829
(R = Range, T= Township S= Section)
Year    R    T    S   First Name  
1820    5    5    4    Richard
1821    5    5    4    Richard
1822    5    5    4    Richard
           5    5    11  Elias
           4    4    34  Peter
           4    4    35  Peter
1823    5    5    4    Richard
           5    5    11  Elias
           4    4    34  Peter
           4    4    35  Peter
1824    5    5    11   Elias
1825    6    6    27   Jeremiah
           4    4    35   Jacob
1826    5    4    24   Jacob
           no land       Bethuel
           5    5    5    Elias
          Bellsville #5 Isaac
           4    4    35  Jacob
1827    5    4    24  Jacob
           no land       Bethuel
           no land       Jeremiah
           6    6    27  Jeremiah
           5    5    5    Elias
           4    4    35  Jacob
        Beallsville 25  Isaac
1828    5    4    24   Bethuel
           6    4    1    Jeremiah
           5    5    6    Elias
           4    4    35  Jacob
        Beallville 25   Isaac
1829    5    4    24   Bethuel
           no land       Jeremiah
           no land       Samuel
           6    4    1    Jeremiah
           5    5    6    Jacob
         Beallsville 25 Isaac
            no land      Elias
Jacob Rush  is the oldest of the Rushes in Monroe County. He was born between 1740-1750 and died about 1832. In the 1820 census there is a male 16-26 in the household. Three females are also found, one 0-10, one 16-26, and one over 45. In the 1830 census, only Jacob and his wife are in the household. Jacob appears in a court record in 1824 when a suit of ejectment is brought against him. Isaac Rush is also named. In what is apparently the same case in 1827, Jeremiah Rush provides bail for Jacob.  In 1820 Jacob lives next door to Bethuel. Jacob and Prudence Rush sold land to Bethuel Rush on 29 Mar 1828 in Monroe County, Ohio.  Is he the Jacob Rush in 1810 in Ohio County, (West) Virginia living between Jeremiah Rush and Andrew Timbly? See Ohio County Rush Family.
In the Monroe County Clerk of Courts - Chancery suit 1833 - Alexander Massie vs Samuel Rush and John Truax.  Alexander was the son-in-law of Jacob Rush. He had assumed the debts of Jacob and had taken care of his affairs due to Jacob's infirmities. This is the same Jacob as was involved in the 1827 suit, as it refers to that case. Alexander claimed that Samuel, Jacob's son, had induced Jacob to move to Indiana (where Jacob died about 1832) and had taken the land (R4 T4 S35) and then sold it to John Truax. He claimed that Samuel had promised to pay Jacob for the land, but then convinced Jacob to forgive the debt. Samuel, who was living in Indiana, was asked to return in September for the court. There is a Samuel Rush in Vermillion, Indiana, in 1850 who was born in 1788 in Pennsylvania. 
From Western Christian Advocate 1834-1850 - Mrs. Margaret Culbertson born 24 Oct 1774 Bedford Co. PA, d Aug 1842, near McArthurstown, Athens Co., OH; parents: Rush, Jacob & Prudance; mar 1794; Culbertson, David Rev.; Issue: 11 chn (4 deceased); emig to OH 1799. (9-92; 23 Sep 42).
Peter Rush  is often identified as the father of Isaac Rush. There are many Peter Rushes and it is difficult to separate them.
The 1818 tax record of Monroe County, Ohio, lists Peter Sr. and Peter, so evidently there were 2 Peters in the county at this point. This does not necessarily mean a father and son. "Sr." was often used in an effort to distinguish two people of the same name. Peter Rush purchased land in Monroe County in 1816 in Range 4 Township 4 Section 34 and 35. The theories that Peter Rush who married Mary Cowell was the father of Isaac has been disproven. The Peter Rush who married Elizabeth Stull is definitely not the father of Isaac either, but most likely a brother. 
In 1815, Peter Rush purchased property at the sale of Absalom Dillee in Belmont County. In a land deed in Monroe County, Caleb Dillee is the assignee for Peter Rush.  1820 Peter Rush of Monroe County is in the same age bracket as Isaac (26-45) and is living next door to Charles Rush. In 1825 he served as security for Isaac regarding the guardianship of Isaac's children. No Peter Rush can be found in Monroe County records after this. 

This Peter is believed to be the brother of Isaac Rush and is the husband of Elizabeth Stull.  His children were: Charles, Paul, Elizabeth (Pugh), Peter, Phebe (Laflin), Hannah (Hendershot), Abraham, and Ivy (Pugh). 
Bethuel Rush was born 8 Dec 1791 in Pennsylvania and is most likely the son of Jacob and Prudance Rush. He appears in the 1820 and 1830 census of Monroe County, Ohio. Bethuel purchased land from Jacob and Prudence Rush on 29 Mar 1828 in Monroe County, Ohio. Bethuel's wife was Sarah Reed. He moved to what is now Wetzel County, West Virginia, about 1832. In 1840, he is in Tyler County, West Virginia (this area later became Wetzel County). In the 1850 census of Wetzel County, West Virginia, he is incorrectly identified in some indexes as Matheul Rush aged 59. Bethuel died in Wetzel County, West Virginia, 3 Nov 1852. 

Bethuel Rush served in the 6th Virginia Militia in the War of 1812.  See also Rush Family of Ohio County, WV.

Richard Rush is a brother of Isaac according to family tradition. In 1820, he is living next door to Isaac and acted as security for Isaac's children in the court case in 1824.  1820 is the only year that Richard appears in a census in Monroe County. He was between 16-26. Others in the household were 1 male 0-10, 2 females 16-26. He is listed in Monroe County tax records between 1818-1823. 

He died in Belmont County in 1824. His will was probated 18 Oct 1824, adminstrator, Hannah Rush; William Green, Ephraim Green, securities; Ambrose Danford, Philip Skinner, Samuel Ring, appraisors. 25 Oct 1824, Ezer Ellis, clerk. Debts or notes due the estate: John Pitman, Samuel Clark, Solomon Moore, Thomas Hill and Edward Litman. 5 Feb 1825 Danford, Skinner and Ring appeared before John Linn, Monroe County Justice of the Peace. Notes it is for the support of the widow and three children. While none of his children were identified by name, we believe his children may have been David, Rhoda, and Samuel (all of Indiana). 

Elias Rush  On 3 Apr 1824, Eliah Rush purchased land from Elias and Sarah Pittman in Monroe County, Ohio. He also appears on the 1820 and 1830 census of Monroe County, living near Isaac and Richard.  Pittman sources identify Elias Rush of Monroe County as the one who moved to Morrow County, Ohio.

1850 Gilead, Morrow, OH - Elias Rush 54 PA, Ellen 47 PA, Samuel 15, Isaac 13, Jemima 10, Jackson 8, Mary 4, Isaac T. H. FINCH 11, Thomas FINCH 6. Children born Ohio. Same household, different family - Peter Rush 34 PA, Mary 24 OH, Phillip 6, Mary 4. (The Peter Rush family is in Oregon City, Holt, Missouri in 1860 - Peter Rush 40, Mary 24, Philip 16, Maria 14, Ellen 9.)

In 1860, Elias is still in Congress Township, Morrow Co. There are Mallott (Mellott) households near him. Elias 65 PA, Ellen 47 MD, Jackson 17 OH, Thomas Finch 15, Mary 14, Nina 8, Martha E. 6, Malinda 4. I believe Thomas's last name is Finch.

From the Pittman archives at Rootsweb.com - Elias Pittman was born 1765 in Bedford Co. PA, d 1839 Richland, Morrow Co. Migrated through Monroe Co and arrived in Morrow before 1830. Wife was Sarah Truax. Among the children was Pernelia who married Elias Rush. See above information. Pernelia born 1797 Bedford Co., died ca 1830 as she was deceased at the time of her father's will in 1839. No record of children.

Jeremiah Rush  is found in the 1820 census in Sunsbury Township living close to Peter and Charles Rush, 26-45 years, males 0-10, 10-16; females 1 16-26, 3 0-10. In 1830 he is living 3 doors from Isaac Rush 50-60, 1 20-30, 1 15-20; females 1 30-40, 1 15-20, 1 10-15, 2 5-10, 3 0-5. Jeremiah gave bail for Jacob Rush in an 1827 ejectment suit against Jacob. He appears in land deeds with a wife named Mary. He purchased land in 1824 from Elliott & Uranius Holland. In 1827 he purchased land from William and Frances Cochran and appears to have sold the same parcel of land to George Cline in 1829. (Perhaps of note is one of the neighbors mentioned in the deed is Benjamin McVey. Jacob Rush and Benjamin McVey appear in the Pennsylvania Archives as both serving in the company under Sgt. Ephraim Bates.)  Is he the Jeremiah Rush living by Jacob Rush in 1810 Ohio County, (West) Virginia? In 1830 Jeremiah's age is given between 50-60. Jeremiah disappears from Monroe County after 1830. Is Mary Rush in 1840 Tyler County, the widow of Jeremiah? It would appear to be so. Her age and the ages of the children match the information on Jeremiah in 1830.

(Research by T. B. - Land patents for Jeremiah Rush have been located in Indiana. This indicates he moved west when father Jacob and brother Samuel went to Indiana. He died there about 1838.) 

Charles Rush was born about 1799 in Pennsylvania. He married Susannah Conger sometime before 1820, probably in Monroe County, Ohio, where he was enumerated in 1820. By 1830 he was in Tyler County, West Virginia. He died in 1857 in Wetzel County, West Virginia. In 1850, the children in his household are: Elias 20, William 18, Elizabeth 16, Charles 13, Matilda 11, Susannah 8, Hannah 4, Noah ROBERTS 18. In 1834, he bought property at the William Springer sale in Tyler County. Also purchasing property that day was Peter and Abraham Rush.  Charles was the son of Peter and Elizabeth (Stull) Rush.

Abraham Rush appears only briefly in Monroe County, Ohio records.  In the 1840 census he is found in Jackson Township and listed between the ages of 20-30. He appears to be married with a daughter under the age of five. Paul Rush is also found in this township. Abraham Rush is later listed as purchasing material from an estate sale in Tyler County along with Peter and Charles Rush. Abraham married Elizabeth Goddard and was living in Missouri in the 1870 census.  Abraham was the son of Peter Rush & Elizabeth Stull.

 Paul Rush was born in 1803, married Dorcas Conger, and lived in Monroe County, Ohio, until moving to Brown County, Indiana sometime after 1850. He is living next door to Charles Rush who was born about 1827 and is probably his son. Census records indicate Paul had at least 8 daughters: Emily, Elizabeth, Malinda, Phebee, Ruth, Eliza, Louisa, Adaline. Paul was the son of Peter Rush & Elizabeth Stull. 

Phebee Rush was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania. She married William Laflen (of Monroe County) in Belmont County, Ohio. They lived in Monroe County in 1830 and moved to Tyler County, West Virginia (which later became Wetzel County). Hardesty's History of Tyler County, West Virginia (1880), contains a biography of William Laflin. His wife Phoebe is listed as the daughter of Peter Rush and Elizabeth Stull. (Thanks to Charles Logan for this find.) 

Samuel Rush There are two Samuel Rushes in Monroe County records who are unidentified, but are often assigned to the Peter Rush family. Now a third Samuel has emerged.

1.  Samuel Rush born 1806 in Pennsylvania. His wife's name was probably Elizabeth who died in June 1850. He is found in Monroe County in 1850 with children Reuben, Mary, Jemima, Nancy, William, Hannah, Elenor, and James. He has not been located after this date, although some of his children moved west and he may have went with them. His daughter Mary married James Atkinson and moved to Champaign County, Illinois. He is probably the Samuel in the 1830 census in Sunsbury Township, Monroe, Ohio. Another son was David who was already married by the 1850 census.  He is believed to be the son of Peter Rush & Elizabeth Stull

2.  Samuel Rush born 21 Nov 1818 in Pennsylvania and died 31 May 1874 in Belmont County, Ohio. He married Catharine Piles. He purchased two tracks of land in Monroe County in 1833 and 1835 from George Terry in R6 T6 S14 and R4 T3 S17. This Samuel was the son of Conrad Rush. (Thanks to Tim B. for the information - Belmont County Wills)

3. Samuel Rush - see Jacob Rush. A Samuel Rush is found in 1810 in Saltlick Township, Fayette County, PA living near Obadiah Pittman, Benjamin Truax, and Workmans. Peter Rush is also found in this township and it is believed that the Isaac Rush in Wharton Township is our Isaac. Could this be the Samuel Rush, s/o Jacob? His identity has yet to be found. 

 Esther Rush   A tombstone for Esther is located in Harmony Baptist Cemetery near Beallsville, Monroe County, Ohio. The inscription only gives her name and the date 1829. Her identity is unknown at this time. 



Compiled by Karen Romick, updated 6/4/2016