Recent News !! 

  • [17th Sept, 2012]  Job offer from Google Mountain View. 
  • [17th Aug, 2012]  Job offer from Microsoft (Campus Placements)



I am a 5th year under-grad student at  BITS Pilani, Pilani campus, pursuing a dual degree in MSc Mathematics (Hons) and B.E. Computer Science (Hons), expecting to graduate in June 2013. 

I have held the post of President at the Computer Science Association and have been previously associated with the Android Mobile Computing Group at BITS Pilani as well I also played an important part in setting up a Machine Learning Student Study Group at BITS Pilani, which meets weekly to discuss papers and various ML algorithms during the semester. 

My research interest lies mainly in the field of Machine Learning and its applications in various fields. Apart form courses in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition to strengthen my theoretical base, I have worked on various projects in the past couple of years and have also indulged in a lot of self-reading in the field of Machine Learning. My interest lies mainly in Deep Learning, Sparse Representations, Domain Adaptation and Transfer Learning. 

Current Thesis (ending Dec, 2012)

I am currently working under Prof Sundar S Balasubramaniam, BITS Pilani on the project, "Link Prediction in large scale Social Networks" as a part of my under-grad thesis. We are trying to study and assess the suitability of various Randomization based Matrix Approximation algorithms (given by the Theoretical Computer Science community) from the point of view of the Link Prediction problem in Social Networks.

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