winter agility

2017 AAC Trial Dates

May 5th-7th: Esteemed Judges Gayle Avery & Monica Terry
Opens March 31st 2017 -- Closes April 24th 2017.  ~~Sunday is Full~~

June 16th-18th: Esteemed Judges Gary White & Sarah Mairs-Heaslip
Opens May 5th 2017 -- Closes June 5th 2017

July 29th-30th: Esteemed Judge Billie McLean
Opens June 16th 2017 -- Closes July 17th 2017

September 30th - October 1st: Esteemed Judge Arlene Lehmann
Opens August 16th 2017 -- Closes September 18th 2017

2017 Fun Matches

April 29th Judges Bryce Longtin and Pattie Page ~~Closed~~

August 26th: Judges Bryce Longtin and Pattie Page
Opens July 4th- Closes When Full

2017 Trial and Team Event 


August 12th-13th: Esteemed Judge Pamela Ford
Opens July 4th 2017 -- Closes August 1st 2017


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