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Free to Be ________

posted Feb 20, 2012, 8:36 PM by Jonathan Balash
We are proud to announce the official 2012 Spencer Pride Festival theme:
Free to Be ____.
This theme was selected by our membership on Sunday, February 19th during our monthly Spencer Pride meeting.  Over 15 theme suggestions were given to us in person, via e-mail, and on Facebook.  Every theme that was submitted was placed on a ballot.  The overwhelming winner of that vote was for Free to Be _______.  It's a versatile theme that can be used to say so many things with pride. 



Free to Be Lesbian
Free to Be Rural? 
Free to Be Sexy
All of the above!
This is a theme as versatile and practical as we were hoping for, and we think it's going to make for GREAT t-shirts at the festival this year! 
Free to Be A Son?
Free to Be Flirty? 
Free to Be Out? 
Getting the idea?
Have any ideas for our advertising campaign?  Let us know by giving us feedback at