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‘Garo’ Tribe of baromary

There is tribe called ‘Garo’, who lives in some part of Bangladesh, usually in hilly area. The name ‘Garo’ was given to this tribe by the British ruler. But those people like to introduce them as ‘Achik Mandi’ means (people of hilly area) or in short they introduce them as ‘Achik’. More..

Light in the darks

We some what familiar with the word” blind “. When we hair the word blind we imagine a person who is disable for work and burden for the family as well associety. We may assume a little ahead, that they (blind people) survive by the sympathy of normal people, but in reality they also workaholic and able to work like normal people. Some time their performance is better than normal able people. For example, we may take the name of Helen Keller. There are lot of blinds who are studying in different schools and colleges, even in the universities like DhakaUniversity. They are in competition with all the other students. Their biggest achievement is that they not only took admission in DU but also have survived by competing with other normal students. This is surely due to their patience, courage and intention to do well in life. Some of them have achieved the highest degree and now successfully working in different government as well private organizations. More...

Health shelter in park

Health is means of all happiness. To keep good health, it needs to have food along with exercise regularly. At least one hour exercise required to be healthy. Park is the good place for exercise. At each park of Dhaka city. More..