2013 RLP & La Catalina

 RLP is setting out on yet another adventure. This year an amazing opportunity has developed to collaborate with an organization called La Catalina in La Manzanilla, Mexico. 

La Catalina Educational Foundation is a Mexican non-profit organization aiming to raise the educational and economic level of the local people in La Manzanilla, Jalisco.

The organization is both a not for profit, with a for profit  language school business  to help sustain their community service efforts. The founders are very good people and the school is respected and well connected with the community. Julie the co-founder and I have agreed on the basics to begin our collaboration and we are all excited about the potential in what we can create together.

Consider joining RLP in our efforts. We would benefit from a variety of input from friends and family. 
RLP AN International Literacy and Cultural Exchange Project.

I am currently looking for volunteers to help me carry the books down and to set up the library there. I have a simple library program that will be used to catalogue and organize the books and a store of books in the basement just waiting to be packed up and carried to Mexico.

Please consider fundraising in your communities to help support our work. 

As for materials, the most important need at this moment is a (no-mac) laptop on which to develop the library cataloguing system.

Any interest or knowledge of other potential volunteers? I spent 5 months of weekends in the community last winter and it is a most wonderful place. It blends nicely the affluence on first world travelers with the basic living style of the local Mexican.While it is a very good thing, it is not necessary to have a knowledge of Spanish and while living is simple it is very easy to have all of one's needs met. In addition there are other volunteer opportunities, yoga studios, Sunday morning meditation and much more. 

THE BEACH IS OUTSTANDING, take a look at some photos (www.lamanzanilla.info/).