Welcome to the Rural Literacy Project


Mexico: RLP & La Catalina Education Foundation                   2006 on our way to the Amazon River, Peru
 Begin our work to develop a community library                       Meghan Barry, Lauren Quinn, Zoe O.R.Doucette, Richie Doucette, 
                                                                                                     Sue O'Riley, Raina Milne, Henry Sauve

Rural Literacy Project

We are a group of older teens, educators and students interested in cultural exchange and sharing the tools of literacy in Latin America.

Help us in our efforts to educate ourselves to world of others and as we raise funds to buy children’s books in Spanish for communities where children might otherwise grow up without this pleasure.  

Books will be carried in backpacks down to awaiting communities in Latin America. There we will have the fortune to live with local families. We experience the community, local environment and culture. We work in schools, community gardens, in family kitchens. 

Join with us and benefit from this opportunity to make a difference. Travel with us and experience a depth of sharing through this cross culture experience.