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The Rutgers Learning Centers will be offering study groups for Physics for Sciences. They are run by students who excelled in the course in past years. They receive weekly training from me so they are very qualified to help you succeed in the course. Registration has already started and will continue until noon on Thursday Feb. 1st. It's first-come-first-served so once a study group is full that's it. Study groups begin Monday Jan. 22nd. You might not feel you need a study group at the moment but Physics for Sciences is going to get quite a bit more challenging soon. Students attending regular study groups scored higher on exams than those who didn't so don't wait to register. Complete information about study groups can be found in the attached PDF. Questions should be sent to

Welcome to Physics for Sciences 2

posted Jan 5, 2018, 10:08 AM by Michael Gentile   [ updated Jan 14, 2018, 7:44 AM ]

My name is Mike Gentile and I'm the instructor for the course.  All the information you'll need about the course can be found on this website. Please read through everything. Please email me if you have any questions. Several important announcements:
  • Registration: When you register for the course make sure you register for both a recitation and a lab.  You must register for both since the lab/recitation/lecture are completely integrated.
  • First course meetings: Lecture and labs WILL MEET the first week of class starting Wed. Jan. 17th. Recitations will start on Mon. Jan. 22nd.
  • Textbooks: There are two books used extensively in the course. Information about how to acquire them is on the course info page. It is important that you do this right away since we will be making use of the books right at the start of the course.
  • Important required reading: If you did not take Physics 193 this past fall you need to go through the required reading right away.
  • Scientific abilities rubrics: If you did not take Physics 193 this past fall these will be new to you. You will use these to guide you in learning the scientific reasoning abilities that are a primary focus of the course.  They will also be used to grade your lab work. You will learn about these in lab the first week of class, but please look through them in advance.
  • Gradebook: The online gradebook will be available Wed. Jan. 17th.  Once it is up you can access it by clicking on the "Gradebook" tab above.  Login information can be found on the course info page. If you can't log in it means there may be something wrong with your registration. Please let me know right away.

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