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raman_p52 question : I want to buy a midsize car. I wish to own it for 4-5 years.My running expenses should be reasonable and resale value good. Which would be a better choice-Honda City, Verna (diesel) Ford Fiesta or SX4? Kindly advise so that i book before the price rise. Thanks and regards Raman
Autoguru : Raman, Identifying the usage of a petrol or a diesel vehicle will depend on the vehicle km. running. If the usage of the vehicle is more than 60 kms. per day, with some outstation running, it is advisable to go in for a diesel vehicle, else a petrol mvehicle will overall cost low. The Verna is the preferred diesel whle the SX4 and the Honda city are good options. You should test drive the vehicles and experience the comfort levels of each vehicles to your satisfaction before you close the deal.

Atif question : i have got a Suzuki FX 1985 model. what i felt was that there is too much jump in the car from the rear wheels. i have fitted a CNG kit in my car as a result of which the leaf spring was doubled. Now what i observed is that in Suzuki Mehran the jump is very less even with double leaf spring. the difference that i observed is that in FX the leaf spring passes from below the rear axle. but in Mehran the leaf spring passes from above the rear axle. is this the reason that shock is not absorbed in FX and is tranferred to the body. what if i alter the leaf spring mounting so that it passes from below the axle. will it affect the tyres?? someone told me that by doing so the tyres will ruin faster ?? is it so ??
Autoguru answer : Atif, The leafsprings mountings can not be altered. In case of any modifications it will cause the steering geometry to change as the rear veicle height will reduce and cause vehicle imbalance at high speeds. Have the rear shock absorbers checked for stiffness. Stiff shokabsorbers will also result in Harsh suspension.

amit question : My palio is about 6 years old and has done about 30000 kms.Has the time come for change of tyres. If yes, which are the best tubeless tyres available and what is the price range?
answer : Amit, The tyre life depends on 2 factors, the age and the wear rate. There are points on the tyre from which it can be identified what is the life of the tyre availbale. And the second most important point that determines the life of the tyre is its age. Tyres should be replaced every 5 years, irrespective of the wear levels. A new unused tyre lying in the showroom is unusable, hence check the date of manufacture of the tyre marked on the side wall of the tyre. There are various good tyres available in the market at attractive rates. Goodyear and bridgestone tyres are the commonly available tyres suitable for the Palio.

jeet question : Hi, I would like have some suggestion as I am planning to buy my first car.My budget is around 4.5 Lakhs + and have a family of 3 people including one baby.Occasionaly might need to accommodate for 4-5 people for a long drive Narrowed down to the following 1)i10 Era 2)Wagon R vxi 3)Swift vxi 4)Spark 5)Aveo UA Primary,I am looking for the following option, 1)Low cost of ownership/Maintainance 2)Fuel Efficiency(city ride) 3)Good Resale Resale value after 4-5 yrs 4)Powers steering 5)Power Windows(atleast front) Please let me which is the best option to go for according to my budget Thanks in Advance, Jeet
answer : Jeet, Please identify the area of operation and the running of the vehicle. Considering the same will help you find a suitable car to suit your requirements. Of the vehicles you have shortlisted, The i10 and the swift earn a good resale value and low maintenance costs. The wagon R offers a MUV capabilities. General Motors offers good products, but please identify the after sales service and spares support from the dealer available in your region. The performance of the UVA is good but losses on the mileage and the resale value.


Max Stirling question : I have shortlisted the below cars and I am a little confused on which car to go for. 1. swift vxi (petrol) -- 4.94 lakhs 2. swift vdi (diesel) -- 5.7 lakhs 3. i10 (petrol) - 4.5 lakhs My main considerations are a car with low maintenance, good mileage and safety. My daily driving would be a max of 40 km and long drives which is like 360km to my home town which _might_ be once in 2 months. My understanding is that the Korean cars are expensive to maintain and are good only during the first few years and go bad over time. The resale values for the korean cars is also not good. Currently my budget is 5lakhs. The VDI cost 5.8 which I might go for if you think that it is a better option for me for a avg daily driving of 40km per day. The price difference between diesel and petrol is 75k and on top the maintainence difference between petrol and diesel cars exist which I am not sure of how much it might be. Can you please suggest me as to which might be a better option for me. Thanks a lot Max Stirling
Indiacar's answer : Max, Your running of 40 Kms per day is not very high. And, considering the vehicle ownership cost, the petrol vehicle is advisable. Of the two vehicles you have shortlisted, I suggest you test drive the vhicle on your daily route and compare your comfort levels amongst the two cars. It is a misconception that Korean Cars are short lived. The Santro is the best example. Further I suggest you visit our section on owners feedback after selecting your desired manufacturer.

Shyam question : Hi, I am in Noida and want to buy and car . I dream is to buy a big car with more luxary features. But i have limited BUdget of 5 lakh ~ ( +-35K) lakh. If i cant get a big car then in small car which one should I buy I can wait for 6-8 month for any new model, Regards Shyam
Indiacar's answer : Shyam, The Maruti Esteem is one good vehicle that will fit your budget in the mid size segment. Alternatively the Getz Prime and the Maruti Swift is a good alternative. I suggest you test drive the three vehicles and decide for yourself considering your comfort levels.

hamza khan question : I m planning to buy a new car. It will be my first car. I have shortlisted two cars. Indica and alto. I want to go for a petrol variant if will opt for indica. My family is of 5 members. The car will be driven by a lady. I want a reliable car. Which car would u suggest?
Indiacar's answer : Hamaza, The Alto is a good vehicle, compact, fuel efficient and stable. It is ideal for Lady drivers with a good alround visibility compared to the Indica. I suggest you proceed with the Alto.

Mukesh question : Suggest for my first car my usage 300-400 km/month,need AC and power steering budget around 3.5 lac.

Indiacar's answer : Mukesh, considering this to be your first car purchase with low running, I suggest you opt for thr Alto. It is a good vehicle at the entry level and will offer you a good airconditioning with electronic power steering.

manik question : i want to purhase honda city vtec. the dealer is offering the latest batch at 9.09 minus 15 k discount. but there is one car of oct 2007 on which he is offering discount of 50 k. he says that except for batch both are same. should i go for the latest or the old batch. please advise
Indiacar's answer : Manik, There is no issue in buying the vehicle if you do not have any reservations w.r.t. the date of manufacture. However, ensure that the dealer changes the engine oil before he delivers the car to you.

sidhesh question : Hi , I need some clarification relating to wagon r. I have a 2001 model wagon r - VXI. run about 33000 kms. My issue is wrt millage I used to get about 11-11.5 in city till about 25k kms, after which the millage dropped to about 10.5 - 11 in city . On checking with my maruti dealer , I replaced a. clutch - full set b. fully synthetic oil. c. iridium spark plug. d. K&N air filter. After all these, I started getting millage of only 9 in city. What do I do ? My dealer said i'll get atleast 13-14 , if I make this investment of 12k. I have already checked the following a. No silenser leak. b. No petrol smell. c. tyres not tight or types. Please advice. I have always been servicing the vehicle every 5k kms. sidhesh 9843006286

Indiacar's answer : Sidhesh, I suggest you have the K&N Filters replaced with the original filters. Have the ignition timing checked and check the spark plug gap set to Maruti specifications. It is possible that the new spark plug gap is not to specs. With the K&N Filters the power increases but then, the fuel economy goes down.


tom question : i am planning to buy a second hand jeep. i like the space and size of tata safari and bolero. now sure which one is good, and which one is more expensive to maintain. if you feel both these are worst choice to be taken as second hand, then please sugggest the one you would feel is better than this to buy as second hand. please advise..
Indiacar's answer : Tom, The Tata Safari has a better ride quality and engine performance compared to the Mahendra Bolero. However, The Bolero is much more economical w.r.t. the maintenance and the Fuel economy. The vehicle is reliable, I recommend you the Bolero, However, I suggest you test drive the vehicle and get the fell of the vehicle for yourself.

anand question : budget of around 10lacs,already have bolero,scorpio,innova,looking for an suv with low maint and running around 40kms daily compare tavera and scorpio
Indiacar's answer : Anand, The Scorpio is a better product compared to the Tavera. I suggest you compare the technical specs of the two vehicles in our section for technical specifications and comparisons

Phillip question : I own a Swift car.I purchased it on May 07. It has run 2,500 KM.I am planning to go to Kerala by car. I wanted to know whether Swift is suitable for such long drives
Indiacar's answer : Phillip, There is no problem in taking your Swift car for long distance travels. However I suggest you carry out the following long distance travel checks before you start your journey.

Deepak Sanmukhani question : I presently own a TATA Indigo TDI, and want to buy a new car (Diesel/Petrol), having great Mileage, Comfort, and Low maintenance. My vehicle is usually driven by my driver and I have daily run of 110kms. My budget is 7 - 7.5 Lacs. Please Sugest which car should I go for?
Indiacar's answer : Deepak, A Diesel vehicle ideal for your daily run. The best diesel vehicle in the segment around your budget is the Hyundai Verna and the Ford Fiesta. However, I suggest you test drive the vehicle and considering your daily run feel the drive fell & quality.


KINJAL question : I want to buy a Toyota corrolla H2, My running is very less especially on sundays & approx 6-7000 kms/year. What will it give me: Maintainence cost - fuel effecincy - reliablity for 5 years - Peace of mind. etc. Pls also recomend any other car also. I have also seen a used Honda Vtec type II - apr 2002- 50000kms run, but still in good shape & condition- will it give me repairs & what will be the average??
Indiacar's answer : Kinjal, Considering the usage of the vehicle you confirm, and the availability of a Honda at 50000 kms in good condition. I suggest you go in for the Used Honda. The other vehicle that you can consider is the Chevrolet Optra. The fuel economy in the Honda city would be better compared to the Optra and the Toyota.

Sandeep question : I want to decide between Hyundai I-10 and Maruti dzire. I know both are of different categories and thus not comparable, but Dzire Vxi model (which suits my needs) is marginally expensive than the I-10 fully loaded (which again I intend to buy). Pls suggest as to quality, durability and long term ownership costs of both and tell me which one I should buy. Thanx.
Indiacar's answer : Sandeep, Selection of the vehicle entirely depends on the application you intend using the vehicle. Identify your needs viz. luggage space, power, city parking ease, fuel economy, etc. etc.. Once you have identified your needs then it will be easy to decide whether you want to buy a sedan or a hatch back. Both the vehicles are a good buy.

gurcharan question : I have honda city 2005.. from sometimes it is creating problem while driving it sudddenly slows down and never pic up from that point... and after doing so for 2 min it again works as genuinly.. can you plz tell me the reason behind the problem... Is there any fault in the engine monitoring sensors for acceleration or fuel pump is not working efficiently.. Plz help me at the earliest...
Indiacar's answer : Gurcharan, With the problem you have mentioned, it appears that the fuel pump has failed. However this can be confirmed by the repair shop during a test drive with gauges connected that can monitor the fuel pressure online.

pratip question : Hi, this will be my first car.I have shortlisted the Zen Estilo and Spark. Which would you suggest for city driving?

Indiacar's answer : Pratik, The Spark is a better vehicle compared to the Estillo. Futher I suggest you review other owners feeback in our section buy new car on both the models and have a test drive of each of the vehicles and personally feel the comfort.


Anjan Mukherjee question : HI, Thnaks for your prompt feedback.As I have mentioned that I would like to purchase a Mid segment family car and I drive 25 km in a day, my only concern is,there is some news in the market that Hyundai may stop the production of Accent in next few months, can I get the same kind of after sale service from Hyundai in the longer run ? Pls suggest,otherwise I would have to think of spending approx 7 lacs for Verna or Fiesta Petrol. I would really appreciate your immediate response on this so that I can decide immediately. Regards, Anjan
Indiacar's answer : Anjan, Every Manufacturer introduces new models regularly. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to deliver service to a vehicle even after the discontinuation of production of the models. for ex. Maruti Zen production was stopped in 2006, service is still available. Santro old model before the Xing was discontinued before 2 years, the service is still available. The manufacturer is bound to provide you service, for the product he has sold. U can demand further sales discount from the dealer considering the month end deal pressures. Hence you need not worry on the aspect of after sales service.

krish123 question : I want to buy my first should have good seating comfort,more leg space and i should not get any back or neck pains even after long journey.commuting around max 40kms daily.i am confused whether i should go for i10 or indica dlg turbo.shall i go for a petrol or a diesel car?it should have more mileage, easy driving and less buying the car just because my doctor advised me not to ride a bike.i can go upto Rs.4.3L

Indiacar's answer : Krish, The Indica DLG is a good vehicle with good economy and highway handling performance. However, in case you prefer performance and pickup & power over economy I suggest you buy the I10. Rest I suggest you visit our section on owners feed back in buy new car and compare the feedback. Also I recommend have a test drive of both the vehicles in your areas of operation and feel your comfort before you conclude your decision


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