items for Auction

1.Vintage Autoharp

Manufactured and Trade Mark registered by Oscar Schmidt – International Inc. 87 Ferry Street, Jersey City, N.J.

The Autoharp is a musical instrument in the chorded zither family. It features a series of chord bars attached to dampers, which, when pressed, mute all of the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Although the word autoharp was originally a trademark of the Oscar Schmidt company, the term has colloquially come to be used for any hand-held, chorded zither, regardless of manufacturer.

2. Arimi Porcelain Rice Bowls

Set of 5 in original box

Approx. 5” in diameter

Made in Japan

3. Noritake Cup and Saucer

Three in all; Pattern Howo

Made in Japan; 1900 – 1916

Originally introduced around 1906 – Blue and white Howo Bird pattern. Ungilded wide rimmed cup, egg shell quality porcelain.

4.Canada Centennial Plate

1867 – 1967

Snow white Regency – Johnson Bros – Sovereign Potters

Made in England - Ironstone Dated 1967

The eleven triangles represent the ten provinces and one territory at the time. 10” in diameter