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Research & Publications


  • Vaidya, S. and R. Gupta. 2016. Corruption via Media Capture: The Effect of Competition. Southern Economic Journal, 82(4). Working Paper Version: Link 
  • Gupta, R. 2014. Changing Threat Perceptions and the Efficient Provisioning of International Security. Canadian Journal of Economics, 47(4). Working Paper/Long Version: Link
  • Gupta, R. 2012. Designing Institutions for Global Security. Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 7(2). Working Paper Version:  Link
  • Gupta, R. 2012. The Effects of Opportunity Cost and Hawkishness on Protests in Occupied Regions. Defence and Peace Economics, 23(1). Link
  • Gupta, R. 2010. Structuring International Institutions for the Efficient Provisioning of Global Security. Public Choice, 144(1-2). Link
  • Gupta, R. & S. A. Hegde. 2009. An Exploratory Study of Financial Remittance among Non-Resident Indians in the United States. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 30(2). Link
  • Gupta, R. 2007. Some Factors Affecting Independence Movements: An Overview. Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 2(2). Link

In Progress

  • Efficient Global Security With Alternate Technological Regimes and Uncertain Perceptions.
  • Endogenous Formation of International Institutions in the Shadow of Uncertainty.
  • The Mechanics of Building Alliances.

Policy Reports

  •  Gupta, R. 2016. Using Game Theory to Encourage Cooperation and Cost Sharing Among Cities. Funded by the College & University Collaborative of Rhode Island.
  • Bach-Coulibaly, M., M. Gregg, and R. Gupta. 2014. Do After-School Programs in the Arts Reduce Juvenile Crime in Rhode Island. Funded by the Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Rhode Island. Link
  • Gupta, R. and D. Otto. 2005. Designing Institutions for Promoting Participation in Iowa Conservation Programs: The Importance of Landowner Characteristics. Funded by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University.

Edited Volumes

  • Brauer, J. and R. Gupta (eds.). 2014. Symposium: Peace and Security in India. Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 9(1). Link