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Here's what's coming up:

January 19th: Dress Exchange  
Choose a dress for your daughter to wear to the father-daughter dance.  

January 23rd: Nights Out
Chipotle on Dry Creek and University 4 -8 pm

January 25th: Science Fair
Runyon's Cafeteria - 6 pm

January 30th: Spelling Bee
Runyon's Cafeteria - 2-3 pm

January 29th and 30th: Kindergarten Registration at Runyon.

Click here for the Runyon PTO Calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year.

What's Happening at the Streets at SouthGlenn

Every receipt turned in between November 16th to January 15th will earn triple points for Runyon!  The shopping opportunities are unlimited!  Macy's, Staples, Ross, Best Buy, Restaurants, H & R, clothing boutiques and so much more!  Send them to school or put them in the Runyon box in the SouthGlenn office.  

Whatever talents you possess, there is a volunteer opportunity for you within the Runyon PTO! To see Runyon's Volunteer opportunities, click here! 


to update your family information, see class rosters and more!

What does the PTO do?

Co-PresidentsThe PTO Co-Presidents meet monthly with our principal and also attend a monthly meeting with the other PTO presidents in Littleton Public Schools.  They preside over the PTO executive board and the monthly PTO meetings.  They are here to be your ears and your voices in casting vision for Runyon’s future.
Ways and MeansThe Ways and Means officers are responsible for overseeing all PTO fundraising activities.  They will make recommendations to the membership for all fundraising activities for the school year and help establish and coordinate these events.  The Ways and Means officers will provide a brief report on fundraising activities at all monthly PTO meetings.
Marketing and CommunicationsThe Marketing and Communications team is responsible for delivering effective and clear correspondence between PTO chairpersons and the school community using various media and assisting PTO committees develop event content/design to maximize committee’s success.  The duties include managing the PTO email system, composing a weekly newsletter, updating the PTO website, and updating the PTO social media accounts.
SecretaryThe Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records (minutes) of General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.  These minutes are kept in a binder in the front office, available to the membership.
TreasurerThe Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the PTO, receiving and disbursing all monies of the organization, as well as the budget for each year.  The Treasurer will submit a written report of receipts and disbursements at the monthly PTO meeting.  A copy of the budget is kept in a binder in the front office, accessible to the membership.
VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)The VIPS chairs are responsible for the recruitment of all committee chairs, overseeing all volunteers in the school, and keeping a log of volunteer hours to be reported to the district.  The VIPS chairs also attend a monthly district VIPS meeting.  The VIPS chairs will report monthly at the PTO meeting.

The Technology chair is responsible for the integration of technologies used by the PTO in regard to all committees. This includes technology used for PTO communications, tracking volunteer hours and information, and creating and maintaining the school directory. Current tasks include: updating and maintaining the school directory (estimated time is 10 hours from July through October), updating and maintaining the PTO website (estimated time is 1 hour per month), and updating and maintaining the indoor monitor (estimated time is 30 minutes per week).

PrincipalThe Principal serves the PTO in their role as school Principal, advising and representing the school staff.  The Principal will report monthly on the state of the school and the district.

         What is the PTO?

The Damon Runyon Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) supports the school and its stated goals and informs parents and the community of activities that support these goals.

All parents, legal guardians, teachers and staff at Runyon are members of the PTO.

PTO meetings are held quarterly on a Tuesday evening in the Runyon cafeteria.  

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