Running to Rescue!

Thank you for supporting my FIFTH running of the Twin Cities Marathon! Running and helping animals are both very important to me, and marathons are hard. Therefore, I'm connecting the two and asking for your help! Here's the deal: The more money I raise for two local animal shelters, the more WILD I'll get on race day! 

  • $100 total raised: I'll wear kitty ears for 26.2 miles! Done!
  • $250 total raised: I'll wear kitty ears and whiskers for 26.2 miles! DONE!
  • $500 total raised: I'll wear kitty ears, whiskers, and a tail for 26.2 miles! DONE!
  • $1,000 total raised: I’ll wear kitty ears, whiskers, and a tail, and memorialize donors’ furry loved ones on a tee shirt. DONE!!
  • $5,000 total raised: kitty ears, whiskers, tail, and 'll eat fancy feast at aid stations.

About the Animal Shelters

  • Waverly Pet Rescue is a no-kill, foster-only rescue organization just north of Cedar Falls. We found our kitty Omar there. Volunteers do amazing work to help all animals that come their way. It's ALL volunteer based, and all animals are sheltered in foster care until adopted. All services are donated, and animals are never euthanized. You can donate via paypal by scrolling down HERE

  • Cedar Bend Humane Society Cedar Bend Humane Society is the county's local animal shelter. Steve and I volunteer there regularly and appreciate all they do for the community and animals needing shelter, health care, training and socialization, and new homes. Animals are very well cared for but the shelter is always in need of more of everything--time, food, litter, cleaning name it. We got our grey baby Gracie here!
    You can donate online HERE

  • Donations are of course, tax deductible--donate directly to the organization for a receipt.

  • I will be happy to forward checks to the shelters as well. 

Great! Now that you've donated, let me know! Email, text, Facebook, comment on my blog... I'll keep a tally of totals here! I'd love to acknowledge you here too.

  1. Fosters Mattress and family dog Pete
  2. Christy, Mark, Nolan & Gracie Sharrard  
  3. Michelle Jungers
  4. Maureen Warren (& Dexter)
  5. Alexandra Libby (& Barney)
  6. Jenna Berendzen (& Gladys & Cooper)
  7. Anna Heineman (& Kaia)
  8. Zak, Sarah, and Xavi Montgomery
  9. Kat and Kristin Olivier (& cats)
  10. Kate and Dan Morris (& Samson)
  11. John and Sherry Swanson
  12. Wendy, Jeremy, and Sid Miller-Prouty 
  13. Sandy Rich
  14. Bridget Sandhoff
  15. Karin Leonard
  16. Mowgli, in honor of his Sweet 16
  17. Tara Pickering
  18. Sandy and Rodger Gillaspie
  19. Savannah, Freddie, Rocs, Scooter, and Roo
  20. Kathy and Bob Seestadt
  21. Jeffery Byrd, in honor of Buster

ONE-CLICK to donate:   Running to Rescue